Hair dryer brush: how to use it and the 5 best


Styling your hair perfectly takes time, either by relying on a hairdresser or by opting for DIY at home. In this case, the times can be further extended, despite the economic savings, because you have to independently dry the hair, smooth it, style it. And here is the need to use a brush, straightener, curling iron and so on.

The turning point comes from the rotating brush, often also referred to as an air brush: it is a real one hair dryer brush, because it acts both as a brush and as a hairdryer, providing both drying and styling of the hair (both curly and straight) at the same time, thus saving time, money and without having to resort to multiple tools together.

Hair dryer brush: how to use it?

The device is almost always used on damp hair and the upper part simulates, with the rotation, the movement that hairdressers perform to straighten the hair, using the brush with one hand and the hairdryer with the other. The two products are combined into one, practical to use and light to handle, even for the less experienced or for those who are beginners and have little dexterity in using two tools together.

For this reason, the hair dryer brush allows you to speed up the creation of the styling, obtaining excellent results independently and without having to leave your own home.

Hair dryer brush: types

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The main difference between one device and another concerns the rotation movement of the cylindrical brush, which in some cases is automatic and in others manual. In the first case, just press a button and choose the direction of rotation (if set). In the second case, it is the person who uses the brush who has to rotate it along the section to be worked and styled.

Almost all the models on the market, then, allow you to remove the “head” of the device, therefore the cylindrical brush itself, and replace it with another accessory, different in size, diameter and function. In particular, there are brushes suitable according to the hairstyle you want, but not all products on the market include them in the package, therefore, especially if you intend to experiment and change your look often, it is good to pay attention to what is supplied:

  • small cylindrical brush: suitable for tufts, bangs and small locks, it has a diameter of about 20 mm;
  • medium cylindrical brush: shapes the tips and creates soft waves, has a diameter of about 30 mm and is used to dry larger portions of hair;
  • large cylindrical brush: gives the hair a soft and voluminous fold, dries all hair quickly and has a diameter of about 40-50 mm;
  • flat brush: does not rotate but is used like a traditional rectangular brush, to dry and smooth hair;
  • curling iron: allows you to dry your hair by turning each lock into a ring.

The upholstery has also changed. Preferred are the hair dryer brushes with coating in ceramic. This material keeps the air temperature constant so as to distribute the heat evenly and leave the hair less dry. Some have more speed of the air jet to choose from, different temperatures and a plus is the ionizer. It is a mechanism that generates negative ions, which have a beneficial effect on the hair. They dry them quickly but without damaging them, making each strand shiny and freeing it from the frizz effect.

Hair dryer brush: advantages and disadvantages

Although it is certainly a product that saves money and time, as well as easy to use, the hair dryer brush it also has its drawbacks. It is not suitable for those with short hair and too intensive or prolonged use could damage the hair. Furthermore, the product requires some maintenance to preserve its potential over time, so care is needed to avoid making the purchase in vain.

Hair dryer brush: the best on Amazon

The price of the hair dryer varies from 20 to 80 euros. As we have seen, the products differ in various characteristics and may or may not have accessories supplied. These assessments must be made prior to purchase. You have to consider your expectations and the use that will be made of the product, more or less constant and more or less professional.

For the well-being of your hair, better to rely on expert manufacturers in the sector and attentive to safety standards, both as regards the plastics and the rubberized coating of the cable and a possible hooking ring.

1. WELTEAYO hair dryer brush

This beauty tool boasts an 800 Watt motor, which allows you to dry your hair and achieve a style quickly. The air flow is channeled directly onto the curls, so as to obtain drying and styling at the same time, for fantastic hair at any time.

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2. FAMINESS hair dryer brush

Hair dryer brush

Ion and infrared technology, three heat settings, cold air jet, solid ceramic plates, easy to carry and ideal for all hair types: volumizes the locks, unties knots, acts as both a straightener and a curling iron. All while drying them, reducing the annoying frizz effect.
Buyers say they are satisfied with the result, which they get in half the time and using only one product: all at an affordable price.

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3. ABODY hair dryer brush

Hair dryer brush

Brush for drying hair and styling it at the same time, with ceramic coating and ionic technology that protects the hair during the styling phase, so as to make the hair luminous, reducing the static effect. It has three heat levels and is suitable for all hair types and any length.
Those who have tried it consider it a useful, robust and efficient product, easy to use and with a good grip. Especially noteworthy are the results against frizzy hair, even on long hair.

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4. TOULLGO hair dryer brush

Hair dryer brush

Suitable for use on dry and wet hair, this brush sets and dries them without attacking them. In fact, the ceramic coating them during styling and the evenly distributed heat penetrates quickly, reducing damage. Negative ions fight frizz and static.
Ideal for use at home, but also for traveling. Those who have tried it said they were enthusiastic: perfect styling in a short time and shiny and shiny hair. It is also light and easy to handle.

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5. WELTEAYO hair dryer brush

This natural bristle brush dries and shapes your hair and is the perfect tool for achieving a professional result at home. This rotating brush is equipped with double ion generators that develops 40 times more ions to eliminate frizz and obtain straight and easy to comb hair. Style is combined with convenience thanks to the 1000W motor that delivers professional quality results, plus two handy rotation buttons that allow the brush to rotate left and right for optimal drying. Equipped with advanced functions such as the ability to set 3 speeds / temperatures and a cold air function for long-lasting results. The appliance is equipped with 2 ceramic brushes (50 mm and 40 mm) which adapt to all hair types for personalized drying on long, thick, medium length or short hair.

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Original article published on January 17, 2020

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