Hair care: 10 daily rules


Take care of your hair it is a good and healthy habit that all of us should have, especially if we decide to wear long hair, which requires special daily care. The hair, especially if it is long, is in fact very delicate and can wear out or even break.

Those who wear long hair know this well, just as they know the need to have a real one ritual to be repeated every day. But are we sure we are doing these operations in the best way? Here are some tips for getting healthy and beautiful hair.

The 10 rules for perfect hair care

The advice in this regard are many and not always unanimous.
This is why we have grouped the 10 golden rules for hair care irrefutable, those that allow to obtain excellent results in the medium term.

1. Pay attention to washing!

Washing your hair too often can stress it out. And if they are colored or even oxygenated, you could cause even greater damage!

While cleansing them removes dirt, water and delicate soaps can also subtract substances such as proteins and natural oils, useful for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. The ideal is to avoid daily washing, preferring an alternate day routine.

2. A shampoo tailored to your hair

Shampoos are not all the same: it may seem like a trivial statement, but it is also one of the most important. Whether you have thin or thick hair, curly or straight, oily or dry hair, you should buy and use a product that suits your needs. If not, you could cause it hair loss or have difficulty washing it effectively.

3. A hair mask, always

Using a hair mask is one more weapon to protect their integrity. As for the shampoo, come on we see that there are masks for any type of hair: it is important to make the most appropriate choice while respecting our hair.

Some people like to make DIY masks from natural products. It may be an idea, but only if you know the properties and contraindications of these natural ingredients well. Otherwise, it is better to use specific products of guaranteed quality.

4. Pay attention to how you use the hair dryer

After washing your hair, it is also good to know how to dry it in the most correct way.
First of all, never rub them when they are wet: let’s limit ourselves to pat gently with a towel.

As for the hair dryer, the most common mistakes are: the use of too high temperatures and insufficient distance between the heat source and the scalp.
Sometimes, for the haste to dry them quickly, one yields to the temptation of maximum power, concentrating the jet of hot air for a long time on the same point: resist the temptation. It is very harmful.

5. Balm? Why not

To make your hair even more pleasant, even if it may seem almost obvious advice, think of the conditioner. Obviously, try to go for a high-level product to have a really effective effect and not just something that just perfumes the hair. Indeed, always keep an eye on INCI.

6. Watch out for the plate!

Like the hair dryer, even the straightener can potentially be harmful to the hair. Remember that hair should never be exposed to extreme temperatures, and that the movement of the plate itself, combined with heat, can be lethal.

In this sense, the advice is of use limited temperatures and wait until your hair is dry before undergoing this treatment. In this way, they are subject to less thermal stress.

7. The right brush

Choosing the right brush is also one of the golden rules for hair care. An excellent starting point can be a rather large model, but at the same time easy to handle.

The brush should be used directly on small locks of hair, obviously without forcing too much the passage of the bristles.

8. Diet and hair

Even a correct diet, according to Tricomedit experts, can fall within the rules for hair care. Elements like Vitamin B5 (present in beans and whole grains), as well as proteins and minerals, have the function of supporting both the aesthetic appearance and the health of the hair.

Alcohol and smoking, on the other hand, as we know, tend to have a negative effect on the beauty and integrity of the hair.

9. Enough of stress!

Easy to say, difficult to do. In any case, stress is an absolutely negative factor for your hair (and not only). It may seem trivial, but they are an integral part of our body and as such they interact with our psychophysical conditions.

In prolonged periods of stress, hair tends to become more brittle and react by creating dandruff. A good help is to maintain a high level of hydration.

The ideal would be to take 2 liters of fluids per day.

10. A tailored haircut

It is not just a question of style, the so-called trim, from time to time it is necessary to make the hair grow stronger and more lush, eliminating any split ends.

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Original article published on January 8, 2021

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