Hair brush: which one to choose based on the hair

Spazzola per capelli: come scegliere quella giusta?

Taking care of your hair does not necessarily mean investing in expensive products or subscribing to luxurious treatments from our trusted hairstylist, on the contrary the health of our hair it starts from the little things, like the use of hairbrush suitable for us or choosing the right laces.

Below we will analyze what may seem like a trivial choice, but that many of us are wrong, namely the choice of the brush.

Brushes for all hair

Brush with wooden spikes Source: web

There are few brushes that fit the majority of hair, but the brush with wooden spikes is one of those. The short wooden spikes are ideal for all hair types, untangle knots in a delicate way without breaking the lengths and perform a skin massage stimulating hair growth.

The straight hair brush

Brush with boar bristlesSource: web

To comb straight hair, experts recommend using the wooden brush with boar bristles, which, thanks to the high density of the bristles and their specific cut, guarantees a perfect grip of the lock, in this case smooth and fine, which tends to “escape” from the brush teeth.

Boar bristles have the characteristic of clinging well to the hair, pulling it perfectly and untangling a large number of knots. Furthermore, they do not electrify the hair, they thicken and volumize the hair.

The curly hair brush

Deciding to comb your curly hair is always an unknown factor: is it better to do it with wet or dry hair? Or is it even better not to comb them and use the recommended products instead of the brush? There are different opinions on this and finding a single solution could be a problem. We have selected two different curly hair brushes, able to satisfy two different needs.

Square flat brushSource: web

There square flat brush it is perfect for curls who are used to combing and who do not want to add more volume to their hair. This comb will make the hair slightly frizzy, removing the typical wet effect of curly hair from the hair.

Plastic brush with few bristlesSource: web

An alternative for curly hair is the plastic brush with few bristles. This type of brush has soft and less dense bristles compared to classic brushes and for this reason it is ideal for taming the most difficult curls without ruining their natural movement.

The brush for wet hair

Knot-free brushSource: web

When your hair is wet it needs one knot-free brush. This type of comb is specially designed to detangle the most tousled hair, without running the risk of tearing or breaking it, as often happens with other brushes.

Oval brush with padSource: web

On the contrary, they are absolutely not recommended oval brushes with bearing; this type of brush would be too aggressive on wet hair, the risk, despite helping to untangle the knots, is to tear the weakest locks or break the lengths.

The electric hair brush

The electric brush is the modern one replacement of the round brush usually used by professionals. The styling of the hairstylist, made with the round brush, the hairdryer and lots of manual skills, can be replicated with the simple use of this brush. Only by passing it through the hair, it gives the hair it voluminous and natural styling which is obtained with traditional styling. The volume of the result is the big difference between the electric brush and a classic straightener for hair.

On the market we find different models of electric brushes, each intended for a specific use, there are rotating electric brushes, cylindrical, with air jet (which dry) and smoothing.

The straightening brush

Smoothing brushSource: web

The electric straightening brush is only able to achieve it smooth styling, however, the advantage with respect to the plate is that the obtainable smoothness can be regulated by the number and speed of passes, thus having the possibility of obtaining a more or less natural smoothness, according to one’s tastes. It is a convenient and fast alternative, which does not require excessive dexterity or the division of the locks: it is in fact sufficient to pass it through the hair like a simple brush.

The straightening brush does not reach too high temperatures, thus avoiding damage to the hair, which, on the other hand, often happens with the straightener.

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