Green eyes make-up: some tips to enhance them

Trucco per occhi verdi: qualche consiglio per valorizzarli

The green eyes They seem to be the rarest in the world. The shades of green combine touches of brown, blue and yellow; to highlight this rare harmony of colors it is necessary to find the right make-up who knows how to bring out the different shades of this color.

Let’s find out some tricks to create the perfect green eye makeup.

Green eye makeup: general tips

The color suitable for enhancing green eyes is definitely the Violet, this is because according to the principle of color wheel, green and purple are complementary colors, this means that when they are combined they generate energy and strength, bringing the observer’s attention to the precise point where they meet.

Like all other colors, however, purple also has various shades, some more suitable for blue green eyes, others for forest green eyes and still others for hazel green eyes. The goal is therefore to find the nuance that best suits our eye.

In general we know that the blue green eyes they are enhanced by lighter and colder shades of purple such as lavender, soft pink and ultra violet. On the contrary, the green eyes tending towards hazelnut, which contain shades of yellow and brown, go perfectly with magenta, plum and fuchsia eyeshadows, or colors in which the red tips are more evident.

Natural green eyes makeup

Natural green eyes makeupSource: web

As we just said, the purple color is perfect for making green eyes stand out, however it’s certainly not an easy color to wear, especially if we are used to making up in a soft and light way. To make a natural eye makeup suitable for green eyes we must use purple only as secondary color of our make-up. For example we can use purple only on the outside of the eye for a delicate smokey eyes or we can choose one purple pencil to be applied on the outer line of the eye, accompanied exclusively by mascara and eyeliner.

Green eyes wedding makeup

Green eyes wedding makeupSource: web

Defining a universal bridal makeup, suitable for anyone with green eyes, is really difficult. This is why we have decided to give you some general advice that can help you on this special occasion. Fishing must be the key word for your bridal make-up: on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Combine the peach color with other eyeshadows according to your tastes and the color of your hair. You can choose between the matte or glossy effect, preferring matte eyeshadows in the first case or adding glitter and holographic products in the second.

The peach color is a perfect shade to bring out green eyes, it is also delicate and soft, ideal for creating a not too heavy make-up, as it should be for the wedding day.

Brown hair green eyes makeup

Green eye makeup with brown hairSource: web

The right shades to enhance the green color of the eyes and at the same time the reflections of the brown hair must be warm and soft, such as orange and burgundy. Starting from these two colors and their shades you can create perfect make-up for various occasions. Go for matte eyeshadows for the day and shimmering eyeshadows for the evening.

Another color that goes perfectly with brown hair and green eyes is the Brown, however, be careful not to choose one that is too similar to the color of your hair. If you choose it bright, like the bronze color, you will make your eyes even more prominent.

Green eyes makeup blonde hair

Green eyes makeup blonde hairSource: web

Before talking about the makeup suitable for blondes with green eyes, it is necessary to make a further division between warm blond and cold blond. Surely it is the color fishing, in all its forms, that color mauve they are excellent in both cases. The same goes for black: better to avoid it if you are blonde, whatever the type of blonde, replacing it with a dark gray: the final result will be much more harmonious and will bring out the best of the green of your eyes.

In the case of a cold blond, almost platinum, it is always better to avoid too warm tones, on the contrary gray palette they are perfect for enhancing eyes and hair. Those who have blonde hair with warm undertones can focus on opaque eyeshadows and shades of brick and nude.

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