Greasy hair: causes and remedies (even emergency)


One of the problems perceived on an aesthetic level in relation to fat hair is that they often appear greasy, shiny and oily, easily associated with hair dirty, therefore they can generate embarrassment. But in addition to being an aesthetic problem, they are a symptom of a skin abnormality that can create far more serious problems than aesthetic ones, including falling. THE greasy hair they essentially depend on sebum, a substance composed of fatty acids, glycerides and wax esters, whose production depends on hormones.

An excess of sebum causes greasy scalp and greasy, oily hair. In particular, we can distinguish between two types of sebum, an important difference especially in the treatment aimed at solving the problem, which changes.

While oily scalp is associated with oily sebum, in fact, greasy hair is associated with oily sebum. The first is denser and tends to settle on the skin making it greasy, even in the presence of dry hair. The second is more liquid and settling on the hair shaft makes it greasy and greasy.

Greasy hair: the causes

The problem of greasy hair depends not only on one excessive sebum production fat (oily seborrhea), but also from its excessive transformation into oily sebum. The latter, being more liquid, is distributed among the hair and is deposited along the shaft.

As already mentioned, there are basic causes attributable to genetic predisposition and unbalanced hormonal activity. But they can also affect nutrition, stress and lifestyle. Do not underestimate the use of aggressive products, of wrong anti-seborrheic shampoos, which could instead stimulate a hyper production of sebum, further aggravating the problem that was instead wanted to be solved.

Great impact also has thehyperhidrosis of the scalp, or the excessive sweating of the skin, which causes the sebum to become liquid very easily, because the water expelled from the sweat glands mixes with the sebum making it more oily.

Also there dandruff it is a problem that can affect. Specifically, while dry dandruff is made up of whitish flakes that detach from the skin and fall on the hair, oily dandruff is associated with excessive sebaceous production, characterized by yellowish scales, itchy skin and oily skin.

Freshly washed greasy hair

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Even if immediately after shampooing the hair appears strangely greasy and dirty, the causes may be different. First of all, it could be the fault of the products used, perhaps old and therefore no longer effective for cleaning and degreasing the hair. But it could also be due to an unregulated diet, with too much fat and alcohol.

Also pay attention to the excessive use of buns, hairpins and tight hairstyles, which stressing the scalp incite it, to defend itself, to produce more sebum.

5 remedies for greasy hair (even in emergencies)

How to remedy greasy hair? Here are some tips to put your hair in place, perhaps before a special occasion or when you have little time available.

1. Washing

Greasy hair would go wash often, so as to free the skin from excess sebum and allow the hair to breathe, avoiding the shiny effect. Before or after washing the ideal would be to apply a specification mask astringent effect, to dry and further purify the skin by eliminating waste and bacteria.

Never dry your hair at high temperatures or bringing the hair dryer too close to the skin: this would further thin the sebum, increasing its production. Also avoid massaging the scalp: this would stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce sebum.

2. Accessories

Never use metal combs on wet hair, better those of plastic with round and smooth teeth, so as not to damage the hair scales. No to combs and brushes with thin and narrow teeth, which would increase the production of sebum.

3. Products

The most suitable products for washing are those ad sebum-balancing action which act without attacking the hair too much and without removing too much sebum from the skin, depriving it of its natural and necessary protection. No to gels, yes to essential oils. A natural remedy for greasy hair, in fact, is to add 3-4 drops of essential oil of orange, lavender or sage to the shampoo, which have tonic and antiseptic properties.

Another natural remedy is to rinse the hair with a natural mix that closes the hair scales: two drops of thyme or rosemary oil and a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon diluted in a liter of water.

4. DIY mask

There clay mask it has an excellent absorbent effect in case of greasy hair; it is easy to make even at home. Just pour a handful of powdered green clay into a bowl, which can be purchased online or in herbal medicine, and vinegar diluted 50% with water. The thick mixture should be applied to the hair, left to act for 10 minutes and then rinsed, and then proceeded with the shampoo.

5. In case of an emergency

If there is no time to wash your hair, you can resort to emergency solutions, which can however prove to be the turning point, to solve the problem of greasy or dirty hair in a short time. The first trick is to resort to dry shampoo, in powder or spray, which does not require the use of water. Alternatively, the talc: distribute it on the hair, leave on for 10 minutes (the time necessary for the greasiness to be absorbed) and then brush to remove the product, helping yourself with the hairdryer.

Resolutive can also be ad hoc hairstyles such as a chignon, a high ponytail, a braid. To camouflage the greasy effect, yes to hats in winter and bandanas and scarves in summer.

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