Gray blending, gray hair is super trendy


At one time (not too distant) it was said that men with i grey hair, the so-called “salt and pepper” were damn fascinating, while a woman who dared to show off the same color was terribly sloppy and neglected.

Fortunately, ideas are also meant to be changed (praise Heaven!) E gray has become one of the trendiest colors in recent years, but above all unisex. Let me be clear, nothing bad if you are part of the ranks of men and women who can’t stand gray hair and run to the hairdresser at the slightest hint of regrowth, but the important message that finally passes is that there is nothing wrong in having gray hair, and that can actually be very, very glamorous. So much so that more and more people decide to have them, whether they are natural or the result of special colors.

Among these, there is the gray (or gray) blending, which brings out the shine of gray hair.

What is gray blending?

We literally talk about “mixture of grays“(To blend in fact means to mix), which camouflages the natural gray hair present in the hair: it is a low maintenance technique that allows you to hide the gray by adding other colors, similar to the natural shade of the hair, which in this way appear less gray because faded towards lighter shades.

How gray blending is done

There are two gray blending techniques; the first is the mixing, a very simple coloring technique, which adds similar colors to one’s natural hue; the blend literally incorporates gray, so that some strands remain lighter and give natural, subtle reflections, in which a visible color line is missing. This technique takes about 25 minutes to apply and needs to be touched up every 6-8 weeks or so.

Those who want can instead opt for the full coverage, an all-over application of a color that matches your natural color, in which the root of the color is applied to the tip, hiding any hint of silver, white or gray. This technique requires more frequent maintenance, approximately every 4-6 weeks.

Tips for gray blending

Obviously wearing the gray blending allows you to touch up your hair less often than you do with a color, because the gray is faded so as to obtain a natural and pleasant result. But you can also follow some tips to get even better results:

  • Using shades that are darker than your natural color will darken your locks. Contrasting highlights, lighter than your natural shade and this, in turn, will make your hair lighter.
  • Another way to fade the gray so as not to have the unsightly regrowth visible in the upper part of the head is a gloss, semi-permanent treatment, which revives the reflections of the hair, nourishing the fibers and sealing the scales of the shaft so as to make them shiny. shiny and silky. This technique lasts from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Let them grow au naturel: depending on how much gray hair you have you may want to trim your hair so that the lighter color at the ends is highlighted, letting the rest of the hair grow. You can add cool or silver highlights to all of your hair while waiting.
    To help your natural gray grow and not look so different from your current hair color, you can add some ‘artificial’ gray, which takes quite a long time to work – the hair must first be blond, then gray – and it greatly stresses the hair.
  • It is important to always use products that protect and moisturize the hair, also because shades and highlights can damage the hair in the long run. There are products designed specifically to keep gray hair, protein treatments or restructuring.

Gray blending: 8 looks to be inspired by

Being unisex, gray blending suits everyone and everyone; we have collected a roundup of the best examples in the gallery.

8 inspirations for Gray blending: gray hair has never looked so good

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