Grate a potato then blend it with half a lemon and place the mixture in the ice mold. But what will they ever do? The answer will make your eyes go wide


Do you have the molds for making ice at home? Well, sure, you have them for sure. Then you should try making this ‘potion’ which, in 3 days, will give you a younger and more radiant appearance. What do you need? We have already mentioned the mold for the ice cubes; a potato; half a cup of pomegranate seeds, half a lemon. Exactly, these few things are enough to have a star skin. Do you trust us? Proceed like this: take the potato, peel it and then grate it. At this point, put it in the blender along with the pomegranate seeds and water. Blend and, only after blending, add the lemon juice. At this point, mix well and take the mold to make ice cubes; fill it with the mixture, put it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze. It takes about 5 to 6 hours. Okay, they’re ready. Now, let’s imagine, you’re curious what to make of these bizarre cubes. They serve to make you more beautiful! How are they used? Take one at a time and massage it into your face, especially in areas where you have dark spots, blackheads or acne. Read on after the photo

By massaging these cubes on the face you will get exciting results: according to the Touch of the nature website, blackheads disappear, the skin becomes purer and even the spots go away. And that’s not all: passing them on the face is a real refreshing cuddle that is really nice on these hot days tending to sultry. You can use more than one a day, they don’t hurt! Below there is also the video according to which in 3 days the skin changes its appearance … But based on what do they work? Lemon has whitening and brightening properties on the skin; while potato juice is a holy hand on acne and blackheads. Read on after the photo

But why do dark spots come? Many call them “age spots” but the signs that appear on the skin are not only related to age. ” The mechanism by which they are formed, however, is always the same: an accumulation of melanin – dermatologist Antonino Di Pietro, president of Isplad, the association that brings together Italian aesthetic dermatologists explained to Donna Moderna – As a rule, this dark pigment is eliminated by the so-called scavenger cells, the melanophages. There are, however, some factors that make the process haywire. These include aging, drug intake, hormonal imbalances. And even the “memory” of the cells: just think that 12 minutes of exposure without cream are enough when you are young to find yourself, years later, with spots “.

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