Graphic eyeliner: inspirations and products to use, the step by step guide


If the classic line of eyeliner for an elongated and sensual look is no longer enough for you, the time has come to throw yourself on the graphic version that we tell you here (along with the inspo to copy)

The make-up trends of 2021 spoke clearly: graphic eyeliner it’s the trick of the moment to make to express your creativity. Lines, straight and curved, colors, bright or pastel, and a particular focus on the eyes, right now that they have become the center of every make-up and make-up due to, or perhaps thanks to, the mask.

We know that being able to apply eyeliner is not an easy matter, but if you want to try these graphic looks remember that you can use both the classic eyeliner, liquidp, cream, pen or as you prefer, both super-performing pencils that are much easier to apply.

If we made you want to throw yourself into these out of the ordinary looks and you want to know how to make a graphic eyeliner, here you will find the coolest inspo of the moment together with eyeliner and pencils to use to make them happen.

Simple black

The black it is a great classic that never bores and never disappoints and this also applies to graphic eyeliner. Inspired by the cut crease look of the 50s and 60s, this eye makeup becomes even more unique and special thanks to the second line with a metallic effect that contrasts and highlights the darker and brighter colors.

To achieve this look, it is essential to use an eyeliner with a flexible and very thin tip. Perfect the Tattoo Liner by KVD Beauty, pen eyeliner intensely pigmented and waterproof. By modulating the pressure, then, it will be possible to create a more or less thick section according to the areas and needs. A perfect product for everyone thanks to the 100% vegan formulation.

Triple blue

When an eyeliner isn’t enough, maybe it’s time to use three together or, better, three different shades that intertwine with each other for a graphic look really impactful. The perfect way to express your creativity and skills not once, but three times.

To achieve this look, the perfect choice, even for beginners, falls on waterproof pencils with an intense color and high smoothness. Like the new ones Astra Cosmographic Waterproof eyeliner conceived and designed specifically for looks where graphics are the protagonist. A removable pencil that will make a precise stroke and extreme resistance on the eyelid.

Neon obsession

Summer, evenings at the beach, aperitifs with friends and the desire to experiment with vitaminic and colorful eyes. This look, perfect for amber complexions, is a blast from the past in the 90s where the fluo was the master, but today it returns in a new graphic layout where the lines overlap for a make-up worthy of the best backastage beauty.

To create a graphic make-up, color must be the center of attention and it is essential to find a highly pigmented product especially when it comes to neon colors. If you love fluo NYX Cosmetics vivid brights pride edition eyeliner must end up in your beauty case: resistant and a real explosion of color.

Metallic orange

Metal? Yes thanks. Even in the graphic looks the metallic eyeliner they are perfect for looks that bring the eye to the fore. Here the line follows the lash line to end in a dovetail that continues and embellishes (it is appropriate to say it) the crease of the eye. Who donates the copper? To all of them, but it puts even more emphasis on green eyes and with woody shades.

When it is vital to be this precise in a thin and well-defined ponytail, it is best to use an eyeliner. The New Super Color Waterproof Eyeliner by Kiko Milano, with felt brush, allows excellent control of the instrument allowing a precise and well-defined line. Remember: if the line doesn’t come to you the first time, don’t give up. Mistakes can also create new looks.

Colorful look

When it comes to graphic eyeliner it does not mean only and only to create a line, but to create real structured eye looks made of spaces to be filled with colors and a lot of creativity. Just like this eye makeup where, the eyeliner creates a guide to be filled with colorful and expertly blended eyeshadows. A true hymn to artistic creativity.

Opt for an ered yeliner it is a truly courageous choice: not suitable for everyone, but those who learn to manage and use it can understand the thousand potential of this product. To recreate the look, better opt for the classic eyeliner with a super thin applicator like theIntense Ink Liner by Sephora Collection. The plus is the gel ink that makes the lead slide effortlessly, for an easy application (once you get used to it).

Cut crease inspiration

If pin-up looks, vintage inspirations and fiery red lipsticks are always a constant in your make-up, this graphic eyeliner inspired by the look cut-crease is the right inspiration. Obviously the reinterpretation is a must and, here, from one we pass to three different eyeliner lines that play with each other in a degradé of explosive and very warm colors.

When it comes to double or triple lines of eyeliner, in addition to an extremely pigmented and flowing product, it is good to choose a highly waterproof formula. Just like theHighliner by Marc Jacobs Beauty, which lasts for hours with an intense and saturated color and does not melt during the construction of the look.

Of course, it’s always best to have a brush and some makeup remover on hand to correct any mistakes.

Pastel tones

THE pastel colours relive a moment of notoriety, both in terms of nail polishes and make-up. The shades just mentioned are also protagonists for the eyes, but forget the looks just mentioned and the poorly written eyeshadows: now it’s the turn of the eyeliner which, despite the delicate shades, come into play with strong and impactful contrasts and lines.

When you have to manage pastel colors it is better to arm yourself with the best products in circulation: extreme writing and intense color are the two characteristics that just cannot fail. Specially designed for graphic eyeliners, the Lime Crime Venus Liquid Liner, defines the eyelids with a glossy pigment which, once dry, will leave an extra resistant matte finish.

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