Goodbye fear, there is the facelift without a scalpel. Here is the new technique


To restore balance between the image reflected in the mirror and the one we feel we have, rediscovering the freshness of the gaze, the youth of the smile and the brightness of the skin. With the help of the plastic surgeon, but without a scalpel. A system, based on injections of hyaluronic acid fillers, which does not focus on the need to erase a wrinkle but on a deeper and more emotional need of the patient to see himself more in line with his own perception of himself: less tired, less sad , younger, less angry. It is the approach of the ‘Md codes’, which help doctors understand how people would like to feel after the treatment, a technique developed by the Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, in these days in Rome for the “Md Codes Tour 2018 ′, a training event, promoted by Allergan, which was attended by 500 specialists of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. (VIDEO) Continue after the photo

“Reading a face seems simple” explained to journalists De Maio, ‘guru’ of plastic surgery and, among other things, one of the major influencers in the world for the use of botulinum toxins. “It is a bit like for an Italian to read the Divine Comedy. It is necessary to study it thoroughly to understand words that are also familiar to us ”. Once the face is understood, it is necessary to understand how the person feels and “how to make them find the balance between what they hear and what they see in the mirror”, adds de Maio. Thanks to the now advanced technology and high quality products, the surgeon can then choose the most suitable fillers and decide the ‘map’ of the injections, transforming, in sessions of about 40 minutes, the face without a scalpel.

The innovative face mapping technique – developed by de Maio in collaboration with Allergan – identifies the most suitable structural positions to create or recreate the natural architecture according to the characteristics and needs of the individual patient, identifying the perfect combination between the injection point , technique to be used and correct quantity of product (which can have different concentrations). “I am convinced – Spiga De Maio – that aesthetic medicine specialists must be real consultants, capable of helping their patients to focus together on the aesthetic goal they want to achieve. The MD Codes Tours were developed precisely to introduce a new language in facial aesthetics and facilitate this path, so as to amplify the benefits of treatments far beyond wrinkle correction “.

“Many patients come to me asking me to intervene on specific wrinkles and facial defects – concluded de Maio – but often the indicated intervention points do not give an exact measure of the real wishes underlying the request. It follows the risk of being then disappointed with the result. The face talks about us, how we feel and how we want to feel. For this reason, before performing any aesthetic intervention – says the surgeon – it is important to bring to light the emotional reasons behind the decision, to understand how people want to feel when they look in the mirror: only once they have investigated the relationship they have with their own physical aspect, we can study a personalized treatment plan “.

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