Global Warming – Condé Nast Announces Sustainability Strategy


Condé Nast Unveils Sustainable Strategy to Fight Global Warming

Entering the fight against global warming, giant Condé Nast announces its long-term sustainability strategies. In previous months, the brand became the first media conglomerate to sign the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, launched by the United Nations. Learn all about the news:

What is the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action?

Image: Fashion Revolution Brasil

Fashion is one of the most polluting and troublesome sectors in the industry, this is nothing new to anyone. The fact is that with consumer pressure, brands are increasingly looking for more sustainable processes.
It all started with the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, a commitment launched by the United Nations to tackle the problem head on. Brands such as Stella McCartney, H&M and Burberry are among the 40 who have embraced the cause.
This commitment has goals aligned with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit the temperature increase on earth by 1.5ºC. Thus, the brands have committed to a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with the goal of eliminating their emissions by 2050.

Fashion and global warming - Image: Fashion Revolution Brasil
Trendy CO2 emission data – Image: Fashion Revolution

Reaching 31 distinct markets around the world, Condé Nast is one of the biggest authorities in the industry. Now, with its new strategy against global warming, the giant incorporates unparalleled influence in creating significant changes to climate action. The company will use its position of influence to advocate for more sustainable approaches in the industry.

Titles belonging to Condé Nast. Conglomerate presents its commitment to sustainability.

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Condé Nast Announces Strategies to Combat Global Warming

Now it is Condé Nast's turn – which holds titles like Vogue and HQ – to announce its new global strategy for sustainability.
As pointed out by Wolfgang Blau, Condé Nast's international president, fashion has always reflected the great changes in society. This is why it is so important that industry-leading companies pull forward in positive efforts.
One of the key points of the conglomerate's strategy is single use plastic. With this in mind, Condé Nast aims to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics from its products by the year 2025.

Pollution in the fashion industry. Image: Fashion Revolution Brasil

A report on the company's operations – as well as its plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions – is due to be published in early 2020.
In addition, Condé Nast will work with industry partners to influence consumer behavior. Thus, together, they commit to promoting the reuse of clothing, sustainable fashion, innovative materials and technologies. All to help reduce the negative environmental impact of fashion.

fashion and global warming
Other companies should follow Condé Nast's path in the future.
Extending parts life reduces carbon footprint. Image: Fashion Revolution Brasil

Source: Condé Nast News.

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