Glitter for eyes: from application to démaquillage, instructions for use


Glitters are a girl’s best friends! Who does not love, in fact, coloring the eyes with multicolor glitter capable of reflecting light? Here’s everything you need to know about glitter for the eyes to choose, apply and remove make-up like a pro.

They know no season, year or trend: i glitter for the eyes they are always a good idea, especially when the intent is to create an iridescent and sparkling make-up, in which light is the real protagonist. While their charm is indisputable, know that learning how to apply glitter on the eyes it is not an easy feat. Using glitter, in fact, can be particularly insidious and, given their fluttering nature, the risk is that of having to deal with the fall out of glitter all over the face or, worse, with some glitter in the eye. And that’s exactly why you need a detailed guide to how to use glitter for the eyes, full of tips and tricks for an (almost) professional application.

Glitter powder for the eyes or gel: which to choose?

There are really many types of glitter for eyes, different not only in color, but also in size, texture and above all how to use. The most difficult to use are, by far, the loose powder eye glitter, as they require a truly perfect base and the use of professional glue. Although they look a lot like the classic eyeshadows, even i pressed powder glitter they are rather complicated to handle: in the palettes, in fact, they appear as real “flakes” of glitter and must be applied with the fingers. Much easier to use, i glitter gel for the eyes they can perform various tasks, even if, in this case, the glitter will be less thick on the eyelid. This texture, therefore, is perfect for creating an eyeliner line, but also to be used as a normal eyeshadow or as a sparkling top coat. Are you at the very first weapons? Try i cream eye glitter: they are the most practical to use, ideal if you have yet to learn.

All the inspo to make a glitter makeup

THE glitter they can be really versatile and give you completely different looks. The brightest effect you can get, of course, is by spreading them all over the eyelid, simply adding a line of graphic eyeliner to make the makeup more distinctive. Do you prefer a more easy & chic style? Choose a makeup with glitter simple and concentrates the glitter in a single point of the eye: you can use them in the center of the eyelid as in the most classic of smokey eyes or as a point of light just under the tear duct. If you get along with brushes, then, you can try to transform the glitter for eyes in a spalrkling effect eyeliner or use them for the lower rhyme, even slightly smudging: you know Zendaya’s makeup in the TV series Euphoria, right?

How to apply glitter on the eyes?

First get a eye primer for the glitter. You will need this to avoid smudging and glitter where they shouldn’t be. Once your lids are prepared, rely on a creamy base and one glue for glitter. This way, you can easily apply i glitter for the eyes, but also rhinestones and other 3D elements of your makeup. Once the base for the glitter on the eyes, you just have to use the right technique to apply them. Those in loose powder, for example, must be picked up with the brush and tapped on the eyelid, while the glitter eyeshadows can be blended normally. As for the gel formulas, they are the most versatile and – often – equipped with a special applicator that will greatly simplify your work.

The extra attention to devote to démaquillage

Remove the glitter for the eyes correctly it is essential not to immediately regret having chosen them for your makeup. Don’t forget, in fact, that the eye contour area is very delicate and needs to be treated lightly. Here’s why for remove glitter you will have to act in a targeted, but very sweet way. Start with an oily makeup remover and a cotton pad, but use small circular motions to avoid irritating the skin. At this point, use micellar water to remove all traces of glitter from the eyes and finally, use your favorite cleanser to wash your face. The last step for remove make-up from the eyes gently, however, it must be the cream, possibly with a soothing action.

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