Glabellar wrinkles: what they are and the remedies (if we want them)


The wrinkles (the feminine ones, of course) have been around for a long time demonized as the worst enemies of women; seen as the imperfection par excellence, to be erased at any cost, to hide, to cover up, as if it were a sort of original sin to be ashamed of.

In reality wrinkles simply tell about us, our history and, why not, also of the time that obviously passes by; more and more women, including celebrities, have finally given them a respite by learning to live with it, from Monica Bellucci to Helen Mirren, precisely because it is necessary to break down the mental association of woman with wrinkles = old.

This does not mean that everyone should like wrinkles, or that we can all live peacefully with the idea of ​​having them; it is therefore not a crime, nor are you less feminist, if to feel at ease with yourself you choose to resort to some remedy to mitigate them, except for the fact that, like it or not, making them disappear completely is impossible.

There are women who cannot stand wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, others who cannot tolerate those on the neck, or who hate to see the so-called glabellar lines. Do you know what the latter are?

What are glabellar lines?

Of course, wrinkles are not all the same, but there are different types; in particular, glabellar wrinkles are those that form, vertically, on the forehead, starting from the root of the nose, between the eyebrows, and are certainly among the most evident lines of expression.

Even if in the men generally they appear more markedly, due to the more developed facial muscles and the greater thickness of the skin, the tendency to develop glabellar wrinkles is rather subjective.

Why do glabellar lines form?

According to Chinese medicine, glabellar lines are often related to expressions of anger, but also al thought and to concentration, as the continuous contractions of the forehead lead to their formation.

It goes without saying that wrinkles are mainly caused by the natural aging process of the skin.

Remedies for glabellar wrinkles

As mentioned, not all women (but not even all men) live together serenely with their wrinkles, and those who choose to adopt some stratagem to reduce their visibility are not to be condemned.

So let’s find out some remedies that can help reduce glabellar wrinkles.

1. Choose a healthy lifestyle

It is the first, and most important, rule valid for the well-being of our whole body: we choose a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, the right hydration, the right amount of sleep, without getting caught up in stress and frenzy our days.

2. Always wear glasses

To prevent glabellar wrinkles, in particular, it is important to always wear sunglasses, even in winter, so as to avoid frowning in front of the sun’s rays.

3. Do facial gymnastics

It is very important to help yourself with gymnastics for the face, just like you would do with the other muscles of your body; for glabellar wrinkles, in particular, three specific exercises are recommended.

  • block the affected area with the index fingers in correspondence with the eyebrows, then lift the corners of the eyebrows upwards, exerting a slight pressure with the fingers to cause a reaction to the movement you are making;
  • press with your fingers on the hairline and, resisting, try to lower the eyebrows;
  • frown maintaining the position for ten seconds, then relax the eyebrows, which are raised opening the eyes wide.

4. The filler

Hyaluronic acid fillers are non-invasive, they are simple subcutaneous injections made with hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin a hydrated, elastic and soft appearance, with visible results right away.

5. Use the right products

As a last tip it is very important to choose the right products to protect the skin, first of all a good UV filter, and then “anti-aging” creams and patches able to soothe the furrows left by wrinkles.

Products against glabellar wrinkles

What to choose to reduce glabellar wrinkles? A first help could come from frownies, particular anti-wrinkle patches whose name derives from the English verb “to frown”, that is “frown”. Applying a patch prevents the contraction of the subcutaneous muscles which, over time, will be able to remain relaxed, avoiding the formation of glabellar wrinkles.

To use frownies, simply moisten them with water or tonic, apply them on the affected part (previously cleansed) and leave on for at least four hours. For this, they can be applied at night, before going to sleep.

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In combination with the patches, specific and specific creams can also be used.

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