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By Mariana Sanches

On April 15, 2001

If you are up to date on the different style trends then, for sure, you have heard of the dark academy. Aesthetics that gained strength through social networks such as Tumblr, TikTok and Instagram, this trend is based on the romanticization of the academic world. Learn more about this theme and check out beautiful photos!

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What is dark academia?

Lucrezia Fausti

With more than 600 thousand publications on Instagram, the hashtag #darkacademia is proof of the popularization of this aesthetic. Much more than a cultural movement and postings on social networks, the dark academy is a true lifestyle: a perfect combination of love for studies, appreciation of the arts and appreciation of knowledge.

It does not stop there! In addition to these concepts, the dark academy also has everything to do with its own style of dress: tweed blazers, plaid skirts, berets and more sober clothes are the main characteristics of this aesthetic that passes an air of pure elegance.

Characteristics of dark academia


For you to understand with a little more about the dark academy, we separated the main characteristics of this style. Are you ready to plunge headlong into this mysterious, dark and very stylish world? Follow.

Romanticization of academic life


One of the most plausible explanations for the recent popularization of the dark academy is the fact that social isolation brought studies into the home – when schools and universities were closed in real life. However, the style predates this world scenario and its main characteristic is the appreciation for academic life.

Knowledge valorisation


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One of the most characteristic and interesting points of this aesthetics is the strong appeal for knowledge, either through the study of the arts, or through music and books. After all, as stated before, the academy is the mainstay of such a charming aesthetic.

Derivation of gothic culture


With striking features of Gothic culture, the dark academy is visually marked by a more mysterious style, whether due to vintage clothes and earthy tones, or the main literary references, such as The Wuthering Hill and Frankeinstein.

Dark and sober clothes


With mega elegant looks, the dark academy conquers many people! One of the advantages is to find pieces of this style in thrift stores, after all the vintage references are strong. Darker and more earthy tones are the hallmark of this aesthetic.

Classic music, books and movies


It is very likely that you will find someone who follows the dark academy aesthetic with a classic book under his arm and a classical music playing in his headphones. In addition, the passion for films such as Dead Poets Society is also very common among fans of style!



This is one of the points that most criticizes the movement. There are those who say that the dark academy is a very unrealistic style, especially in the Brazilian context. But whoever has the dark academy as aesthetics counters and affirms that escapism is only for the others of relaxation and not a denial of what happens in the surroundings.

Did you see? The dark academy goes far beyond a beautiful aesthetic of social networks, it is a true lifestyle. Perhaps, you have always flirted with her and never knew! How about enjoying and checking out the most beautiful looks on the internet? Check out!

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30 dark gym looks to get inspired and have wonderful ideas

Want to put together that wonderful look right in the dark gym style? To get inspired by the most beautiful clothes combinations on the internet, the tip is to check out these images that we have separated for you. And don’t be afraid to combine the pieces, okay? It will be a charm!

1. Do you want to know more about the Dark Academia style?


2. Classic and very elegant, it is perfect for those who like darker clothes

Courtney Halverson

3. Perfect for winter use, the looks require a lot of overlap

Raffaella Dibenedetto

4. But they can also be perfect for warmer days

McKenna Kaelin

5. Just bet on lighter parts

Mayara Batista

6. With earthy tones, the clothes of this style are also the face of autumn


7. And ask for different combinations of different pieces

Rachel Maksy

8. Perfect for the urban scene, the Dark Academia style is very sophisticated

Maria (Cat)

9. And it gives that air of elegance and power

Sarah Mantelin

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10. In addition, of course, that unmistakable mystery that only this style has


11. More natural environments also combine with this aesthetic


12. That reminds a lot of forests and places far from big cities

Emily Jayne

13. You can play in cold coats


14. Besides making you warm, they will make you very charming

Tonya Smith

15. And, of course, with that more university idea


16. The Dark Academy is also the face of rainy and overcast days

victoria lee

17. In other words, the perfect aesthetic for something more comfy

Rachel Maksy

18. And even when the sun shows up you can still invest in that style


19. Just knowing how to combine the pieces


20. And if you play with the possibilities that this aesthetic offers


21. Skirts are perfect for the looks of this style


22. Can be shorter


23. Or long

Sinthia Ahmed

24. This is up to you


25. Dresses are also a great option, huh!

Alice Catherine

26. Ah, and because it is a more vintage style, the pieces are easily found in thrift stores


27. All you have to do is take a day to pan

Maria (Cat)

28. And finding the perfect clothes


29. Did you like this beautiful style?

Sarah Mantelin

30. So, play and be happy in style!

Tonya Smith

As you can see, the dark academy’s clothes are earthy, black or darker, closed colors. The looks are perfect for cold days, but of course they can also be used in the summer. It is just knowing how to use the right piece that success is guaranteed!

Learn more about the dark academy and fall in love even more

How about going a little deeper into the world of dark academy? To help you, we have separated the coolest YouTube videos that bring different ideas regarding this aesthetic! It has everything from beautiful make-up to how to set up your room following the style.

Learn more about the Dark Academy

Still have questions about what Dark Academy is? Smoothly! In this video, dear Mayara Batista explains a little more about this unique and different style. It also brings great reflections on the origin and audience of this aesthetic, check it out!

How to put together a respectful Dark Academy look

How about checking out some really cool tips on how to have a stylish Dark Academia look? So, watch this video with great aesthetic references for you to compose a very beautiful look that exudes this wonderful and elegant style!

How to make a beautiful and super-stylish Dark Academia hairstyle

If you want to produce the good and classic Dark Academia style from head to toe, then you need to see this full video. There are ten very beautiful and versatile hairstyles for you to test there at your home and choose the preferred one. Even those who do not follow aesthetics will love it!

Dark Academy Makeup

And for a complete Dark Academia look, of course, makeup couldn’t be missing! Very beautiful and easy to make, these four makeup ideas are perfect to match your wonderful style clothes – you can even use them on other occasions.

A Dark Academy corner to call your own

Are you that kind of person who loves to lift up their sleeves and get their hands dirty? How about renovating the room itself in the Dark Academy style? Without spending too much, Mayara Batista Baptista gives you valuable tips on how to decorate your corner and make it look pretty!

Did you like this mysterious and, at the same time, classic style? Then, you will love meeting the cottagecore!

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