Gazpacho, salmorejo … the 11 recipes for cold (and healthy) creams for summer


I don't know if it will happen to you, but in summer the only thing I want to eat are things that are light, fresh and, if possible, drinkable. No wonder considering that with heat any slightly heavy food affects our digestion, slowing it down and causing us more heat.

In addition, dehydration is one of the most common pathologies these months, so any food that gives us hydration It is always welcome. And let's not fool ourselves, drinkable or liquid food is always easier to cool and consume directly from the fridge.

That is why gazpachos and salmorejos are the great kings of the hottest months. However, there is much more world among cold creams than the already typical gazpacho. We bring you 11 cold cream recipes that will help us spend this summer cooler and healthier.

Mint Pea Soup

pea and mint soup

Inspired by the English custom of mixing peas with mint, this Mint Pea Soup It is a perfect combination to cool off on the hottest days. Especially, the mint effect It makes this soup taste almost like a very cool tropical drink.

Watermelon Gazpacho

We know that gazpacho is the food of summer without a doubt. However, consuming the same gazpacho constantly can end up boring. The wonderful thing about this food is that gazpacho allows your recipe to be variegated Adding other ingredients That is the case with this Watermelon Gazpacho.


The taste changes a lot, it gives the watermelon an outlet if it is too large and does not give us time to eat it all before it is too ripe and, in addition, Give a special touch to our cold creams.

Cold carrot and mango cream

Carrot And Mango

Creams or cold soups have a wonderful thing and they allow us to go a little crazy with the mixes. We have proof of this in this Carrot and mango cold soup or cream. If you had never considered mixing carrot with mango, this is the time to do it. The sweetness will surprise you. With this cold cream you will no longer need an ice cream that day.

Zucchini Gazpacho

Since we have started to spin the gazpacho, why not make it with zucchini? Indeed, zucchini It is one of the most versatile vegetables we can find and thanks to its mild flavor it can be used in multiple recipes. East Zucchini Gazpacho Very cold is no exception.


Zucchini is the star, of course, but also carries peppers, cucumber and basil, which give it a beautiful green color. Then it will be enough to add some bread and boiled egg and let it cool.

Cold cream of green apple, avocado and mint lime

Apple Verder

It is to hear the words "lime" and "mint" and know that what we are going to eat – or drink – it's going to be very refreshing. That is precisely what happens with this cold cream of green apple, avocado and mint lime. To the delicious flavor of the green apple, we add the freshness of the lime and mint and the creaminess of the avocado. You don't need to ask me what is my favorite cold cream.

Cucumber and Basil Gazpacho

The first time I heard about cucumber and basil gazpacho I knew without trying that it was going to be very cool and moisturizing. However, he feared that the cucumber will steal the flavor of any other ingredient and be too protagonist.


And, although it is, this cucumber and basil Gazpacho has a secret inside: Manchego cheese and raw almonds, which they get soften the taste of cucumber and give this gazpacho a creamy touch and an unrepeatable taste.

Cold leek, apple and lemon soup


A vitamin pump, that's what we get with this cold leek, apple and lemon soup. A pump of nutrients and vitamins Very cool and moisturizing, yes. It is a recipe that goes around the well-known vichyssoise, making it an ideal summer food.

Beetroot gazpacho


The color is not the only thing that has this beet Gazpacho. For lovers of this vegetable, this gazpacho will not leave them indifferent. Not only because of the unmistakable taste of beets, but also the spicy touch that ginger and vinegar give it. Probably the most exotic of cold creams What can we find.

Melon cream with chips and ham


Not only does man live in creams and in the meantime liquid, we may want to feel a touch of crunch from time to time. That is what this melon cream with chips and ham gives us, as well as a delicious mix between the sweet taste of melon and the salty of ham. If you like melon with ham, you definitely have to try its cream version.

Cherry Salmorejo

Cherries are in season during the summer months and that means we can take advantage of them to use them in as many recipes as we can think of. We can all think of many desserts with this fruit, but perhaps we have never thought of another food for everyday life.


In this case, Salmorejo cherry comes to answer all our questions and allow us to eat cherries also as a main course and in the freshest, lightest and healthiest way possible.

Strawberry gazpacho


What is more summery than gazpacho or strawberries? Probably few things. But what do you tell me if we mix them? Because yes, indeed, we can make a delicious strawberry Gazpacho and have summer in our glass. I am not even going to try to describe the taste to you. You will have to try it in order to understand it.

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