Galena launches Lipowheat, active on the go for consumption on the go


Beauty on the Go, or “Beauty in Motion” is one of the trends identified for next year in the beauty universe. According to the pharmaceutical Claudia Coral, from Galena, a company that imports and distributes assets to handling pharmacies, the concept brings the idea of ​​consuming the items during the day, making the routine more practical. Thus, the company has met this trend and presents Lipowheat.

Lipowheat: The Anti-Wrinkle Revolution

There are a number of factors that together interfere with skin health. For example cold, improper or restrictive diet, aging, medicines, pre-existing illnesses and even environmental factors such as pollution and radiation. In order to meet this demand for efficient nutricosmetics and revolutionary anti-wrinkle technology, Galena, brings to Brazil the Lipowheat, which translates the essence of the concept of beauty from the inside out. According to Claudia Coral, the active primarily promotes hydration, firmness and radiance to the skin and, subsequently, acts by treating and preventing opacity, roughness and sensitivity.

Lipowheat can be manipulated in drops or shot format

The nutricosmetic slows down aging and reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines. According to the pharmacist, Lipowheat also increases the firmness and support of the skin. Thus, its unique formulation enables the active to be formulated not only in capsules, but also in drops or shot form. These variations in short fit the On the Go concept – of consumption on the go – as they fit into each person's routine individually and personally.

Studies prove the effectiveness of Lipowheat

With 15 years of research, clinical studies and published articles, the plant-based asset can reduce skin wrinkles by 22%. Lipowheat can also increase hydration by up to 63%. According to studies, the new solution also promoted visible reduction of wrinkles in up to 88% of volunteers. Therefore, the active is excellent for all skin types, especially mature ones, as it reduces the aging process and favors the unique and exclusive recovery of the skin from the inside out.

These and other news from Galena can be formulated in the main handling pharmacies in the country. Send manipulate! Additional information can be found at Portal Galena,, Facebook / galenafarmaceutica or Instagram @galenafarmaceutica.

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