Gala González and Lovely Pepa style duel for the best monkey look this winter


It is not over yet marathon fashion that we propose every December and many of us are already a little saturated Of so much thinking about what looks we will take to each important appointment. Luckily, influencers continue to give us ideas to get out of these blockages, so common on these dates. Lovely Pepa and Gala González have agreed to propose just in these days of maximum hustle and bustle the monkey, one of the most practical and easy to wear clothes in the closet. Both combine them with territory bags luxury (Chanel and Prada) that contribute to raising the working style of their monkeys, but we should not be paralyzed by this difficulty. Just imitate the style of the accessories in low cost version.

The utility monkey worn by Lovely Pepa is by Michael Kors.

The utility monkey worn by Lovely Pepa is by Michael Kors.


Lovely Pepa He has resorted to one of the monkeys that we most easily locate at an affordable price in our favorite stores. It is a long-sleeved black jumpsuit with a narrow leg Michael Kors that she wears with a black swan underneath. It is only adorned with the zippers that close the jumpsuit and the four front pockets. You can locate similar monkeys in Asos or in Missguided (also in large size) and combine it with any black fanny bag and shoes with volume. You will go perfect.

Brown synthetic leather jumpsuit very similar to the one worn by Gala Gonzà © aacute; lez.

Jumpsuit in brown synthetic leather very similar to the one worn by Gala González.


If you prefer the brown look of Gala Gonzalez, more sophisticated, you have a good option to clone your Zeynep Arçay jumpsuit in Asos. The British multi-brand store has a very similar signature from its winter collection Warehouse, made of synthetic leather and with the same utilitarian air (125.99 euros). It will be difficult to find a bag as special as the design of Chanel that she looks, but any boso of chain in cream or light brown tones will give her the lady touch that characterizes the Galician influencer. Ready in two minutes, and to run.

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