From minimalism to blue beauty, here are the 2021 makeup trends


From blue beauty to skinification to the new minimalism, discover with us all the 2021 makeup trends

Get ready. The 2021 will be a year of great change, in beauty as in many other sectors. New technologies and the health emergency have had an epochal impact on our consumption and our choices also in terms of make-up and not only with regard to product innovations. New values ​​like the transparent communication of the production process, the (concrete) attention toenvironment they will become more and more important. Many of these things will affect your purchases. What we will put in the beauty of 2021? We tell you in this article where you will find all the 2021 most important makeup trends.

Natural makeup

Clean, natural and performing. These are the characteristics that the new ones must have make-up products. «One of the most interesting trends that we are seeing appear concerns“ cleanical ”products – say the experts of BEAUTYSTREAMS, an agency specializing in the analysis of global cosmetic trends – that is formulations that, as scientifically proven, are able to guarantee consumers as much safety as they are effective. Today people are proving to be more and more attentive and aware of ingredients they choose and for this they require make-up products that they are clean, natural, performing and approved by science ». Not only.

Makeup trends 2021: blue beauty

Experts have no doubts. 2021 will see another trend advance in the beauty landscape: the blue beauty. It is a clean beauty “no longer intended solely in relation to natural formulations and recyclable packaging, but linked to a wider sustainable and ethical approach. The meaning of the term “clean”, in fact, encompasses aspects such as transparent communication of the product, the production process itself, the equality of workers, the impact on the environment and respect for the planet in which we live “. In short, knowing that an eyeshadow has an impeccable yield and that the company that produces it is useful to society is important to us. We are sure that you too will agree with us.

Multitasking products

2021 is a year of less is more. We will no longer need to have a beauty bag loaded with products. In short, we can rationalize and choose new ones but hybrid and multitasking, that is, suitable for doing multiple things at the same time (what a convenience!) “The boundaries between product categories will become increasingly blurred and for this different make-up products will incorporate properties and ingredients typical of the skincare, which will continue to play a fundamental role, leading to a real “Skinification” of the other categories ». But what will be the products to focus on for a essential make-up? Certainly foundation, primer and lipsticks with cosmetic benefits. We are talking about products that, in addition to offering an impeccable color, point to skin care. Finally, products that can also be used on other parts of the body, not just on the face for an increasingly holistic approach.

Makeup trends 2021: the colors to focus on

Despite the minimalist trend, the 2021 will definitely be theyear of color. «The trends – conclude the BEAUTYSTREAMS experts – include two different approaches to color. On the one hand we will have classic and timeless tones, able to adapt perfectly to the colors of the skin and lips, while on the other they will be seen new and original shades, which allow us to escape from reality and forget the daily routine ». The coolest color? Apart from the Pantone trends, “above all, theOrange, a symbol of spirituality, which with its versatile shades adaptable to the various undertones of the skin, will be able to offer various beauty look inspirations ».

In addition to orange, also the Violet, a shade that symbolically represents sensuality, will be the great protagonist of the make-up. Among all the nuances, the most popular will be the magenta along with those with a finish tending to blue, to create a wide spectrum of possibilities and reflect a proud and fearless femininity in the best possible way ».

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