From clean beauty to colored eyeshadows, that’s what Generation Z loves


Generation Z is revolutionizing the beauty sector thanks to the new beauty trends that we tell you here

After so many years in which all brands have spoken (almost exclusively) to the target of millennials, the revolution of cosmetics sector is in the hands of a new target, even more dynamic, particular and young (they are the born from 1995 to 2010): the generation Z which, according to a 2017 study by IBM and the National Retail Federation, includes more than two billion people with a purchasing power of $ 55 billion. Natural to understand why the generation Z is dominating all the online discussions and strategies of the beauty market. But what are the characteristics, interests and beauty trends most loved by gen Z (many of which #dmbeauties they are part of?). We tell you about it in this article!

Generation Z and beauty as self-expression

Beauty? A way to express yourself against all social conventions in the name ofauthenticity, an essential value. Inclusiveness is body positivity are the main trends that are part of the DNA of this generation. More than a trend, therefore, something that will forever remain a fundamental driver of their choices. Take the blogger for example Grace Victory and his Youtube channel “The Ugly Face of Beauty”, In which he speaks freely of his body and his image, avoiding the beauty standards imposed by fashion or by others: this is the strength of gen Z. Talking about oneself, embracing individuality.

No perfection

Perfect skin and Barbie-style body? They are not topics of interest. On the contrary, it is almost liberating to photograph yourself without hiding your own acne (follow the hashtag #acnepositivity which now has hundreds of thousands of posts). Today more than ever it is Tik Tok the social channel on which the girls and boys of Gen Z interact more to obtain information on products, to share their experience and also to become real entrepreneurs, once they have achieved notoriety.

Clean beauty, charity and new brands

They call them kidCEO and they launched themselves there where the peer market collects more consensus: product customization e clean beauty with zero km ingredients, strictly cruelty free. It is the case of Zandra Beauty, brand founded by Zandra Azariah Cunningham, a 19-year-old from Buffalo, New York, who started making lip balms and body butters from a young age and then, in 2017, launched a full line of natural skin products including, deodorants, scrubs and body wash.

But it is only one of many stories. How Nudestix, founded by teenage sisters Ally and Taylor Frankel, along with their mother and, again, Beauteque – a line inspired by Korean beauty – created by Elina Hsueh when she was 16. The starting point of these stories? Inventing something that is not on the market or, if there is, does not satisfy the needs of a young target that wants natural and skin-friendly but effective products. The mix of intuition, entrepreneurial spirit and social media is the basis of their success. With an eye always attentive to what is happening in the world, and aimed at “doing good”. Zandra Beauty, for example, donates 10% of the profits to an association that promotes the education of girls while the most famous Kylie Jenner, founder of Kylie Cosmetics, made a large donation to Teen Cancer America.

Colors and desire to experiment for generation Z

Not only respect for the environment is sustainable beauty. The password of the gen Z is to experiment and playing with colors, without distinction of race and gender. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, glitter and rhinestones are not lacking in the beauty case but, as anticipated, they are all products chosen only after having a look at the online reviews. And if you are satisfied … you change! Also because the reference market is truly international. All that remains is to experiment, without limits. And not only for everything related to make-up: hair and nails are equally fertile ground. So here are some of the most popular beauty trends from gen Z, all absolutely to be copied!

Generation Z: beauty trends to copy

Just scroll through Tik Tok and Instagram to quickly understand everything that dictates trend in Gen Z. If you also want to try something new, let yourself be inspired by these trends that we have selected for you.

Brightly colored eyeshadows

They have different textures (creams to powder together) and are applied with the fingers to give life to smokey eyes absolutely original. And to close a veil of gloss or one cascade of glitter 3D effect to seal the eye look … truly cosmic!

Glitter mania

On eyelids, cheeks and lips with a super catchy and very bright finish to make the most adolescent fantasies your own.

Rainbow nails

A different color for each nail. There mismatched manicure it is a must for the gen Z: why not try it now?


Finally, a hair trend with an eccentric character. It is about two-tone colors which lead to a next level la framing technique creating very original color contrasts, for example between the front and the back, between the fringe and the rest of the hair, without following a precise and definitive technique. In short, finally the freedom we all want. Even in the hair.

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