Freckles, 5 mistakes you surely make


Fortunately, in recent years, freckles have returned to represent a unique and beautiful distinctive feature of the skin. Also thanks to the shots of famous people like Meghan Markle and Kylie Jenner who showed themselves in public with light make-up able to enhance these colored spots, freckles are very popular nowadays.

Freckles are so cool that there are those who also prefer to resort to semi-permanent tattoos to have them drawn, in case nature has not given them to them!

Often not valuing them correctly is a consequence of some mistakes that are inevitably committed. Find out what they are to never repeat them!

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The freckles I’m small spots of variable color (they can be yellow-orange up to brown) which, while representing a skin discoloration, do not cause any type of disturbance.

However, it is still a peculiarity of the skin from enhance is treat with care. This is both on an aesthetic level, because they constitute a peculiarity of the face that makes it unique and particular, both in terms of health. In fact, although freckles are not a disease, those who suffer from them burn much more easily and therefore tend to attract more UV rays. It is therefore essential to protect them adequately to avoid the formation of melanomas.

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If in recent years you feel you have not paid particular attention to your freckles, do not panic. Let’s see together what are the most common mistakes people with these spots make and how to fix them!

The most common mistakes of those with freckles

Cover them

Those who have freckles, often, either out of embarrassment or simply because they don’t know how to enhance them, tend to hide them under kilos of super-covering foundation.

A peculiarity of this kind, on the other hand, deserves to be enhanced with the right products and shown with pride.

Go ahead and then a foundation (in cream or compact, as you prefer) or BB Cream more light and from translucent formula. Don’t forget, however, to choose a product containing SPF. Sun protection is essential even in winter if you don’t want to risk damaging your skin!

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The aesthetic potential

Are you still not convinced of the aesthetic potential of these beautiful spots? Know that, today, there are represent such a popular feature of the face, that often there are those who resort to the semi-permanent tattoo to draw them on the face. This is the case, for example, of the wonderful influencer Elisa Maino, who decided to resort to this solution shortly before her departure for Fuerteventura. Undoubtedly a perfect choice, which goes very well with a tan!

Don’t take care of it

Freckles appear mostly on delicate skins, which require greater and timely care to avoid problems related not only to blemishes, but also to skin aging.

First of all, therefore, you must precisely follow the steps of the skincare adapted to your characteristics to ensure that your complexion is always healthy and shiny.

If the stains become unsightly and bother you, you can resort to different solutions. For example, a very effective tool is the transdermal carrier, an equipment that transports active substances, such as salicylic acid or mandelic acid, directly to the hyperpigmented areas. The substances are able to exfoliate and promote cell turnover and thus keep the skin glowing.

These acids can also be applied through chemical peels less invasively and locally.

Don’t protect freckles from the sun

As previously mentioned, since these are hyperpigmentation related to accumulations of melanin, particular attention must be paid to prolonged exposure to the sun. If you have these beautiful specks, you must always protect yourself from the rays, especially avoiding attracting them during the hottest hours of the day.

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We therefore recommend that you use one all year round Sun protection to broad spectrum UVA / UVB with a high SPF index (at least 30). Furthermore, in summer, especially after swimming or sweating, you should apply the product several times to ensure adequate protection of your skin.

Don’t observe their changes

Freckles they are not cancerous and therefore should not be considered signs of the presence of skin diseases. However, experts have made it certain that excessive sun exposure is a major risk factor. As it is natural to think, this is higher in people with fair complexions, who tend to burn more easily, but also to develop more skin problems related to tanning.

For this reason, our advice is to keep them monitored, both in terms of color, size and shape. If something doesn’t suit you, consult a dermatologist: it will help you to ascertain the health of your epidermis.

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Enhance them in the wrong way

No, you don’t need to use Photoshop to enhance your freckles, much less avoid wearing makeup or instead apply large amounts of brown pencil to trace them!

First of all you have to even out the complexion with light products, choosing products such as the concealer only and exclusively for dark circles or facial imperfections.

Then learn how to use the right colors to give your face a natural and glamorous look. The shades of pink, apricot and peach are perfect. You can then choose to apply a light bronzer to sculpt your face and a beautiful highlighter to shine and have even more eyes on your bewitching freckles. Don’t forget to be daring with brightly colored lipsticks!

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