Freckles, 10 ways to make them stand out


Freckles are a real trend. A fortune (often unconscious) for those who have them and a detail to copy for those who do not have them. Here, then, how to enhance and emphasize them (and why not even create them) in all possible ways. From make up to technology.

Small but able to donate character and a touch of originality to the face, so much so that they have become a real trend. Let’s talk about freckles, those adorable skin spots which can cover (in a more or less marked way) the face, the back of the hands, the arms and the shoulders. But also many other areas of the body. A nuisance for someone but a distinctive sign and to be copied for others (so much so that there are those who draw them).

A strength to be enhanced and to which to give new light. Able to transform the face in a unique way, giving it one exclusive and saucy beauty. At all ages. Here, then, is how to bring out the freckles in all possible ways, to make them (and make you) the real protagonists in every situation.

Avoid covering them

It may seem trivial but often it is not taken into account that to make your freckles stand out more, the first thing to do is avoid covering them. Using too much foundation (or opting for one that is too opaque) is never the best choice if you want to enhance every particularity of your skin.

That’s why, to give the freckles the right space they deserve, it is good to go towards gods light, water-based products or even a mineral foundation. Always keeping in mind the color of your complexion and the effect you want to achieve. But which one to choose?

foundation freckles

Liquid foundation

This type of product is perfect for those who have the skin tend to dry or easy to dehydration. Thanks to its formulation, in fact, in addition to acting to uniform the color of the face, helps moisturize the skin giving it more softness and making it less dry to the touch.

Mineral foundation

A product able to act on the homogeneity of the skin but without covering it excessively. Particularly suitable for combination or oily skin, as it helps regulate the production of sebum and to eliminate the shiny face effect. But without covering your freckles.

Use the concealer in a targeted way

An ally for those who want to enhance freckles and only those, is the concealer. A valuable helper does keep with you always, able to minimize any imperfections and details that you prefer to cover, but without touching what you love and want to highlight.

The important thing is to use it specifically on the area to be covered (for example dark circles or some small pimple). Instead, leaving the freckles free to show themselves and decorate your face.

freckles concealer

Choosing the right blush

Same thing goes for the choice of blush. As with everything that is applied to the face (foundation, concealers, etc.) this product must also be in harmony with the color of your skin. If, however, you want to enhance your freckles it is good to opt for a soft blush, which does not have an important color and that distracts attention from what you want to bring out.

Better choose light colors, from nude peach to brownish. Able to give brightness and liveliness to the complexion but without covering the freckles. And obviously applying them correctly. To do this it is important:

  • starting from the inside of the cheeks;
  • continue outwards and upwards (obliquely), up to the cheekbones;
  • do not use too much product or go over several times.

This way your freckles will have a guaranteed effect.

freckles blush

The eye also wants its share (but not too much)

And it’s not just a saying. To make the most of freckles, in fact, we must not forget the eye make up. Which it shouldn’t never be exaggerated or excessively colored. The skin of those with freckles is usually quite light. For this reason, it is important to opt for nude, pink, peach, apricot or beige shades.

By marking, on the other hand, theuse of black pencil (or brown if you want to make your eyes look bigger), outlining the lids both above and below and blending slightly, and mascara.

freckles eyes

Perfect freckles? Don’t forget the lips

Yes, lips also help bring out freckles. How? With a touch of naturalness and a lipstick with a light shade and soft for the day, perhaps even opting for a gloss. And daring a little more at night (or even during the day if you really can’t do without it), with colors that tend to red, brown, burgundy or orange.

Obviously making sure that the choice of lipstick, classic or fluid, is consistent with the rest of your make up. For a harmonious look where your freckles cannot fail to be noticed and admired.

freckles lipstick

Make-up and freckles: less is more

That is, define freckles removing make up. But how, you will say, all these tricks on how to apply makeup correctly and then having to remove it? No, or rather, not exactly. To enhance and highlight the freckles, in fact, it is important to apply the right make-up evenly and in the right way.

But then, it is possible eliminate a small amount with a small swab moistened with micellar water. By tapping lightly on the affected area, and enhancing the natural color of your freckles even more without touching the rest of the makeup.

freckles makeup

Beware of skincare

If you are wondering what cleansing and care of the face and skin in general can have to do with freckles, here is the answer. As mentioned, this particularity of the skin is typical of very fair and more sensitive skins.

For this reason, in order to highlight them, it is important that the skin is healthy. Perfectly hydrated (also because freckles form more where the skin is thinnest) e well fed. Also thanks to a targeted skincare, both for the day and for the night. For a continuous cycle of care and beauty.

freckles skincare

Help yourself with the pencil

We have already talked about how to enhance freckles with the right eye make-up. But what does the pencil have to do with it? Simple. If the goal is to do stand out more your already beautiful freckles, you can always help yourself with a pencil of their same color or slightly darker, by going to “Tweak” a little existing ones or recreating new ones.

A little make-up trick used by all those who do not have them naturally but do not want to give up the possibility of having them. And, lucky for you, a quick and easy way to emphasize them and make them stand out more.

pencil freckles

Freckles and sun

While not dependent on sun exposure, being permanent skin pigmentations caused by an accumulation of melanin, exposure to the sun can accentuate the number and color of the freckles. By bringing to light the lighter and less visible ones and therefore, highlighting them more.

For this reason, in addition to being good for the body for many other reasons, exposing yourself to the sun can enhance your freckles, giving your face all thecheerfulness and the typical liveliness of summer.

sun freckles

A little (re) touch with photoshop

A small and harmless trick to emphasize your freckles more, then, is use photoshop. Ok, not a natural way but as mentioned at the beginning, it is important to know every possible method.

Whether the freckles are already on your face, and therefore you just want to highlight them, or if they are not there and you want to create them from nothing, this tool allows you to edit your photos going to make that adorable splash of color on the face that so much like. And for those who don’t know how to use it? No problem. There are gods video tutorial available online that, step by step, teach you how to draw all the desired dots on your face (obviously on the photo).

freckles photoshop

Obviously always remaining aware that beauty is inside and outside each of you. And that it is precisely the differences that make you unique and beautiful. With or without freckles.

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