Freckles, 10 reasons to love them


Those who don’t have them would do anything to get them. And those who, on the other hand, often experience conflicting emotions. Here, then, are all the reasons (for those still in doubt) to love your freckles, more every day.

Like every more or less visible detail of your body, even the freckles they are the object of love (for those who do not have them and would do anything to have them) and, at times, “hate”. For those whose face is sprinkled with these beautiful little colored spots, in fact, i feelings can be mixed. But just because you still (maybe) don’t know all the reasons why you should love freckles, unconditionally, without ifs and buts.

Proud of it and trying to enhance as much as possible this splash of character, joy and uniqueness that you are lucky enough to have on your face (and not only). Suddenly distinctive and rare, which embellishes the face of a few who, for this very reason, should never be hidden. Here are the reasons to love your freckles and that will make you completely change your mind (if you ever need them), about how much they are beautiful to have and look at.

A question of genetics

The first reason to love freckles is that not everyone has them. Their appearance, in fact, depends on genetic factors and, in particular, on a variant of the MC1R gene, or melanocortin receptor 1. In other words with freckles you are born. Or rather, they are part of one’s DNA from birth, and then appear more or less markedly when exposed to the sun.

This, if on the one hand, explains why it is very easy for them to be within the same family more people with freckleson the other hand it makes it quite clear that not everyone can have them. Not even if you place yourself under the sun for as long as possible in a vain attempt to make them appear out of nowhere.

freckles family

Distinctive sign of rarity

If you are still wondering why on earth love freckles, another more than valid reason lies in the their rarity. Not intended as a quantity on the face or body (some, in fact, have very many), but as a number of people who own them.

Taking into account genetics, and also considering that freckles usually characterize a certain type of people (with very light skin, reddish hair, etc.), in fact, it is quite easy to understand how much you are lucky to have them. In other words, you and your freckles, whoever you are and whatever physical characteristics you have, you are a real rarity.

rarity freckles

More freckles, less makeup

One could almost define them as a natural makeup. A sort of permanent make-up that always makes you perfect and distinguishable by anyone other, even natural. Those lucky enough to have freckles, in fact, have already imprinted on their face the best detail they could wish for.

natural freckles

A note of joy and uniqueness, to be embellished only with a few simple moves and a trickle of make-up on the eyes and mouth, as long as they are of the right color such as:

  • fishing;
  • brownish;
  • burgundy;
  • red.

To make your freckles stand out and love even more. At all hours of the day and in any situation.

Freckles are in fashion

You got it right. One of the reasons you love your freckles is why we all love them already. And it’s not just a saying. In fact, freckles are a real trend. A detail put on display by the celebrities and influencers who have them, and one particularity to copy with make-up for those who, on the other hand, do not have them.

Today, in fact, there are several ways to recreate on your own face freckles (and for those who already have them naturally to increase their number).

How to make freckles

To do this, they are available online numerous video tutorials that, with just the use of an eye pencil or an eyeliner, are able to transform even the “cleanest” face into a concentrate of beautiful freckles. If you do not trust to do it alone, then, just go to any beautician or make up artist to get it a fabulous result.

But not only. In fact, there is a real make-up tool to recreate freckles on your face, the freck yourself, or “get freckled.” A kit that contains a particular adhesive (like a kind of removable tattoo) to be applied on the desired part. To get all the desired freckles in just a few steps.

In addition to the fact that, for those who want to add this detail to their face for a bit longer, it is possible to undergo a aesthetic tattoo. A slightly bolder choice, but with a sure effect.

love makeup freckles

Natural look change

Although freckles are present in any season of the year, when you expose yourself to the sun these tend to stand out more. This is due to freckles, other skin spots that tend to appear with sun exposure, increasing the number of your freckles. This is why it is likely that, depending on the time of day or how long you spent in the sun, your freckles may look slightly different, more colorful and numerous. A totally natural change of look!

In addition, a light pass of make-up will suffice for make them more or less visible depending on your desire of the moment. A practical way to always have a “new” face and an unassailable reason to love your freckles more every day.

freckles make up

Freckles VS Sunscreen

Still talking about the sun, then, another and by no means negligible reason why loving freckles is theirs protective function against UV rays. Specifically, the melanocytes of freckles are able to make the skin less susceptible and sensitive to the action of UVA and UVB sun rays. Acting a bit like a natural sunscreen.

This does not in any way mean that you are free not to apply the protection (very important to protect the skin of the whole body) but certainly you can rest assured in the case of an unscheduled beach trip or an improvised dip in the pool.

sun freckles

Innocence and sensuality

There are those who consider them as a reminder ofmore childish and carefree age and who, instead, looks at them as a detail that gives sensuality and magnetism to those who own them. Who is right? Everyone. Among the reasons for loving freckles, in fact, one cannot fail to mention their ability to give grace, cheerfulness and a touch of vivacity to the face but, at the same time, a halo of sensuality and unconscious uniqueness. And, therefore, of course, even more attractive.

A detail capable of making every girl a little more sexy (for some a lot) but without ever losing that veil of innocence that gives charisma, personality and genuineness.

love sensuality freckles

Young forever (or almost)

Obviously we are not saying that freckles can stop time by giving you eternal youth but let’s just say that something similar they do. These adorable little spots on the skin, in fact, give a permanent touch of lightheartedness to the face. A breath of lightness, purity and joy typical of youth (but not only).

Ensuring your face appears always fresh and young, at any age (and how can you not love freckles after this discovery!).

love young freckles

Between myth and legends

For the fans of the genre, but also for those who are not yet, know that freckles have been attributed several legends.

Their birth, for example, is made to coincide with Idon, prince of Atlantis (the sunken city) who was the first man to have red hair and freckles. Thanks to a gift received as a demonstration of the power of the city of Atlantis.

But not only. If this legend does not satisfy you enough, in fact, know that freckles, over the centuries, have often been associated with a clear and distinctive sign related to witchcraft. An unassailable testimony that, whoever possessed them, was none other than A witch (and witches are known to be tremendously fascinating).

freckles witch

Diversity, uniqueness and beauty

Finally, the most important reason of all to love freckles is also the simplest and most overlooked of all. Together with the hair, lips, nose, eyes and all the rest of the body, the freckles are yours alone. They are part of you and are one of the many details that make you so unique different from anyone else in the world.

You will never find anyone with the same freckles as you. They are part of you, of your uniqueness and ofauthentic and real beauty that characterizes you.

For this, not only loving your freckles equates to love yourself. But, even more, learning to value them is the best way to convey to the viewer (and above all to you) how beautiful and special you are. Exactly as you are.

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