Frames for sunglasses or eyeglasses: how to choose them


For years the glasses they lived according to a double meaning: habit fashion if from Sun, symbol of the nerd par excellence if from sight.

It may be because many of us have grown up with a rather stereotypical image of those who wear eyeglasses, in the style of Steve Urkel, the clumsy nerd of the Otto series under one roof, in reality today even the most prestigious brands have considerably revisited the style of this kind of glasses, making them a trendy accessory that follows the hottest trends of the moment.

There is no longer a single line of eyeglasses, just as there is no single line of sunglasses: the difference is undoubtedly the frames, which today become the focal point of eyewear, capable of giving the latter precisely that glamorous air and always in step with the trends that make it a desired accessory indispensable in male and female wardrobes.

Colored, with different shapes, the eyeglass frames they follow, just like trousers or shoes, the styles in vogue, and it is thanks to this ability to follow fashions step by step that today glasses have ceased to be a simple piece of furniture, or a necessity for those who do not have a eagle view, acquiring a new value.

For example, do you know what are the hottest eyewear frames for 2020 and 2021?

Sunglasses frames: types and trends

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Sunglasses are no longer a useful tool to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays, but they become an integral part of theoutfit everyday life of all of us, so even the frames we choose must adapt to our style and look.

Let’s go explore next season’s trendiest frames.

Geometric sunglasses

Geometric shaped frames add an eye-catching element to any outfit. Whether they are square, rectangular or hexagonal, these frames are able to enhance the features of the face and give a chic air to the wearer.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Perfect for elongating the face and emphasizing the cheekbones, the “cat” frame maintains the immutable charm of vintage, updating itself in a contemporary and more funky version, thanks to the use of bright colors and embellishing details.

Sunglasses with precious frames

The true glamorous accessory par excellence, frames embellished with rhinestones or shiny decorations are both chic and fun.

Brow Bar Sunglasses

Sunglasses with a top bar are the real must have of 2020, which from the catwalks of the most important brands have arrived directly in stores: there are the Rayban with double bridge, Dolce & Gabbana, which has inserted its own logo in the frame, ei Miu Miu, which added the top bar to a model with a stylized metal frame, in a truly imaginative version for those who want to dare.

Eyeglass frames: types and trends

What about instead of glasses? Here are the favorite models of this season

Transparent eyeglasses

There transparent frame is one of the eyewear trends born this year: from crystalline to colored shades, they can easily be combined with any outfit, and for this reason they have been chosen as the favorites of fashion addicts.

Aviator eyeglasses

The model made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun is transformed into an optical version that gives it a trendy air, far from the nerdy one of the past.

Eyeglasses with metal frame

The nerd style, however, is far from outdated, indeed it claims a place of honor in recent fashion, even in eyeglasses, which become an inevitable fashion accessory with a stylish metal frame. Harry Potter.

Half-frame eyeglasses

These are the glasses that arise from the cross between a classic pair of corrective glasses and trendy sunglasses, in which the lower edge of the frame is missing. This type of glasses is ideal for those with a particularly prominent face, because it is able to soften its features.

How to choose the frame of the glasses? 4 tips

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We now come to the most important question: how to choose the right frame for us, the one that can enhance our face and features? For example, you can follow these suggestions:

1. Look in the mirror to determine the shape of your face.

The face shapes tend to be seven: round, heart-shaped with triangle with base at the top, triangular, with base at the bottom, square, rectangular, oblong and oval.

Once you understand what your face shape is, you can choose the opposition frame.

2. Choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape.

For example, full faces without edges are more enhanced by frames with sharp edges, angular faces instead by round frames.
Round faces give frames with corners or squares, as they make them appear longer and thinner, while those with the heart shape will be better off with wider frames at the base, which tend to enlarge the lower part of the face.

Yes to geometric frames for triangular faces, while square faces look good with round or oval frames, which soften the corners of the face.

Those with heavy jaws can try a frame emphasized in the upper line, while those with a square face should prefer a narrow, wide and low height frame.

THE Rectangular faces look best with round frames, because in this way they seem wider, while oblong ones can wear round or curved frames, which reduce length by emphasizing width, e ovals – lucky them – can wear any frame.

The main advice, however, is always and only one: wear what makes you feel good and makes you feel comfortable.

3. Choose the right frame size for your face

As with a suit, even glasses, if they don’t fit perfectly, do not enhance the face. To orient yourself in the choice of size it must be considered that the top line of the frame should follow the curve of the eyebrows, and that it should neither slide on the nose nor move when smiling.

4. Choose a frame color that enriches your face.

Cold color if you have a cold skin color, warm if you have a warm face color. Even these small details can make a difference to make a face stand out.

The two-tone frame, lighter on the bridge, is instead good for those with close eyes, as it gives the impression of greater width.

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