Four flawless classic looks so that the office only looks at your talent (and that works in all sizes)


If you have the return to work underlined in red on the calendar, perhaps you are already considering new resolutions for it
new work course. Is it among them to develop a strategy to achieve a promotion, a contract or a change of company? If so, we propose a
closet renovation in a flattering style that has everything to win: that of contemporary classics. They continue to triumph in all areas because they focus where we are most interested: what we say, what we do, our talent. If dressing is a show of power, these office looks say: You can trust me.

Attentive, because all these pieces
have just arrived at the new Mango collection which inaugurates a new size up to XXL or 46: these larger sizes are the first to disappear. In fact, one of our favorite looks includes your
bedside jeans (This season, better if the denim is dark and culottes), a long-sleeved shirt and high neck in elastic fabric (12.99 euros) and some
beautiful dancers (29.99 euros). Simpler and more beautiful impossible.

super powerful office look that does not distract from what is important mix some
cut-out hem leggings (29.99 euros) and a wrap dress inspired by a blazer (49.99 euros). It is quite short, it has the classic double-breasted and V-neck, as well as an adjustable tie at the waist. The
pointed leather ankle bootsKey of the season, they look fantastic and have a super comfortable wide heel (59.99 euros).

Lightweight knit jumpsuit for the office from the new fall collection. /


This proposal is perfect for those days of the week when you don’t feel like it
take time to think about what you are going to wear Or you just don’t have time to do it. For those days, you can turn to this
lightweight knit and fine knit jumpsuit, with shirt collar, buttoned flap pockets on the chest and adjustable belt (59.99 euros). With the ankle boots it looks great, but with white sneakers too.

New collection leather-effect t-shirt and trousers jacket. /


Finally, a look that will surely
you will be able to rescue from your wardrobe background because last year was the big trend of the season. It is about the total look of leather or leather effect, and the combination of leather effect trousers (29.99 euros) and shirt or
shirt jacket with a simple white shirt keep on succeeding. Let’s see who can resist the dense shine of ‘fake’ skin.

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