For or against Queen Letizia’s red culottes with her new ‘made in Spain’ blouse?


If Queen Letizia has something, it is that she almost never leaves anyone indifferent with her looks (not even when she has fallen into sartorial boredom and has bored us greatly with her work ‘uniforms’ for weeks). There are those who adore each of the garments that she wears and who, on the contrary, never see a success in their outfits. No matter what you wear … in both cases. Today Doña Letizia has once again divided the newsroom with the bet she has made to preside in Totana, Murcia (where a few days ago she was eclipsed by the ‘low cost’ looks of her daughters), the VI Educational Congress on Rare Diseases. For or against your combination of garments and colors?

On this occasion, the Queen has returned to bet on the ‘made in Spain’, but this time has chosen Uterqüe instead of Massimo Dutti (his favorite) to combine new and new clothes: red culotte pants with a marked waist and gold button detail that it has had for several seasons, a white blouse with lantern sleeves with volume (it is still available in all sizes and costs 70 euros) and patent leather pumps with a comfortable heel, all from the Inditex firm.

But what does this look have to divide the newsroom? In favor of the Queen We will say that the color red is always a safe bet for her (although the peacock blue that she has worn lately also suits her phenomenal), and we love that she continues to bet on accessible Spanish brands that give visibility to our fashion and that, in addition, make what we all do: release new collection clothes and combine them with the greatest hits from our wardrobe. Uterqüe’s white blouse, with those special sleeves, is really pretty and the square neckline favors Doña Letizia.

However, there are also a few ‘cons’. The pants do not finish to fit him (despite having worn them on other occasions) because perhaps they have been a bit too large: they do not fit well at the waist, they make pockets in the darts and they should be a couple of centimeters shorter to better stylize your legs. However, the biggest but what we put to the look are the shoes: this style was crying out for good stilettos with heels or, at the opposite end, very low-cut dancers and even sneakers that gave a ‘sporty’ air (something unthinkable for the Queen in a work look). If Dona Letizia had also added a scarf around her neck or a necklace, the outfit would have won a few points.

And you, what do you think of this look of the Queen: in favor or oppossing?

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