Floral dresses: history, models and trends


With the arrival of spring the flowers begin to bloom in nature and also on clothes, making us dance in bouquets of roses, daisies and colorful lilies. THE floral dresses represent the choice of style in line with the trends of the moment. But also the passe-partout garment with which to create an infinite variety of outfits with a spring flavor.

That it is worn in the maxi model, long to the feet and with light, floating fabrics, or in the short model, more sensual and captivating, the floral dress will be able to give grit and vitality to any look.

Floral dresses in history

floral dressesThe most beautiful floral dresses worn by stars throughout history. Source: Pinterest

In 1960 the brilliant French designer Madamoiselle Coco Chanel make a dress floral among the most beautiful of the time. On a background of pastel pink silk chiffon fabric, a pattern of large ton sur ton flowers takes shape on a bon ton dress that opens the way to a glorious and lasting future.

From Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, there are many divas of the past who seem to be bewitched by the charm of a dress with a romantic and sophisticated allure, able to give the grace of a goddess. Unforgettable the floral dress worn by the iconic Sophia Loren with sweetheart neckline and ruffles on the shoulder straps, consisting of a midi skirt studded with red daisies.

While a delicious one Audrey Hepburn poses wearing a dress with yellow and orange flowers with maxi bow at the waist. A model reminiscent of a doll and with a 50s style coordinated with a pair of gloves that make the whole look absolutely chic and noteworthy.

Floral dresses: types

Whether it is chosen in the maxi version with long skirt and fluffy and that accompanies the silhouette of the body at every step, or in the mini model, tight and seductive, or in the knee-length midi model with a bon ton allure, the floral dress is the evergreen garment to have in your wardrobe and that you can choose from in different types.

Floral cocktail dress

YOINS Woman Floral Short Sleeve Dress

Ideal for leisure

Among the types of floral dresses, the cocktail flower print dress is ideal for leisure time. With a clutch bag and a pair of décolleté it is perfect for an aperitif at sunset or for brunch on Sundays in summer.

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Long floral dress, ideal for a ceremony

With a view to a elegant ceremony, such as a wedding or a social event, the floral dress lends itself to being the ideal garment to create formal and sophisticated looks. Adorned with precious details such as sequins and rhinestones, the latter form multiple flowery embroideries that will make any dress a sparkling flower bouquet.

Floral dress in tulle with embroidery

Ever-Pretty Floral Long Evening Model Dress

Floral dress for ceremony

Dress made of tulle with precious flower-shaped applications. An empire-style model ideal for ceremonies

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Floral dress for a holiday look

Summer is coming and it’s time to think about the outfits to show off on the beach, for an evening under the stars accompanied by the sound of music to dance on. But the time has also come, after a historical period marked by a pandemic, to return to travel: and here is a floral dress in the long model with maxi slit it is ideal for facing the upcoming summer with determination and style.

Floral dress for a holiday look

cute Women Bare Back Long Dress Floral Beach Dress

Ideal for the beach

Floral dress with deep slit on the front and back. Long to the feet, it is the perfect floral dress for an evening under the stars spent at the beach or for a trip to a coastal resort.

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Floral dress: lingerie model

In recent times, designers have shown their extreme creativity by borrowing garments belonging to the female lingerie, transforming them into clothes to wear in the office, in the city and even on formal occasions. In fact, it is not unusual to wear a dress under a robe with lace details under a blazer or like mini dress with which to go out on hot and sultry summer days.

lingerie model

Loalirando Short floral dress model lingerie

Short floral dress

Borrowed from women’s lingerie, this short dress model with floral print and lace details is one of the many types of floral dress to wear in spring with a blazer or in hot summer with flat or heeled sandals.

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How to match floral dresses

floral dressesOlivia Palermo, Dakota Johnson and Letizia Ortiz wear the floral dress. Source: Pinterest

Thanks to its versatility and innate style, the floral dress it is easy to combine with any garment and adapts to any occasion, from the most formal to the most elegant. Even the stars love to wear the floral patterned dress and their street style looks give us a series of tips to follow to create outfits that can capture attention.

For an hour of air to spend around the city among the shop windows, the style advice is suggested by the outfit flaunted by the style icon Olivia Palermo. In particular, the model and influencer wears a midi dress with micro flower print paired with a pair of pointed mules and a straw coffa.

The American actress Dakota Johnson sports a model of floral shirt dress and short on the knees: along with a pair of low heel sandals and maxi colored sunglasses, create an outfit to show off in spring for the whole day.

The Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz it is a reference point of the bon ton and refined style to be inspired by to recreate looks to wear in everyday life. The Spanish queen amazes the keen eye of photographers with a floral dress with pink background and orange and burgundy micro flowers, declined on a flared model with belt at the waist and classy collar.

Floral dresses on the spring / summer 2021 catwalks

floral dressesValentino, Philosophy and Dior Spring Summer 2021 Collection. Source: Pinterest

From long and super colorful dresses made in the light fabrics of silk chiffon or of cotton to short and tight wrap dresses, i floral dresses they have become the object of desire of designers and stylists. To the point of presenting them on the catwalks of spring / summer 2021 in the form of cocktail dresses, sheath dresses, evening and formal dresses.

For example, the Italian designer Valentino make a model of long floral dress orange color with maxi pink flowers and belt at hips, confirming itself as a haute couture garment.

Lorenzo Serafini for Philosophy instead presents on the catwalk a model by short and bodycon floral dress on hips and legs with balloon shoulders and in combination with maxi sunglasses, rubber boots and clutch bags, creating a look to wear 24 hours a day.

The French fashion house Dior proposes a model of long floral dress with a hippie chic style. From the soft and light fabric, it glides on the female silhouette accompanying it in every movement. The look is completed with a maxi headband / bandana on the hair, a pair of sandals and an easy chic leather bag.

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