Flat stomach at 50: nutrition and fitness to lose weight on the abdomen


If a flat stomach after 50 seems like a utopia to you, do not despair and read our article! You will find a complete program of nutrition, fitness, products and treatments designed ad hoc, with the advice of the nutritionist and personal trainer

Frequent situation find yourself with the belly at 50! It also happens to those with a healthy lifestyle. Despite the attention at the table and moderate physical activity, swelling often struggles to disappear. And there is a fear of being condemned to change the entire wardrobe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few centimeters that widen the waist and they no longer allow you to feel at ease in your own shoes – figurative or physical – as in the case of suits and trousers. Other times, however, it is a matter of water retention.

THE extra pounds they accumulate mainly in the abdominal band, which in women involves the hips and back (the so-called “love handles”). But it is really a utopia there Flat stomach at 50? We talk about it with the doctor Pamela Masuzzo, doctor and nutritionist consultant.

«90% of women over 45 complain of a change in their body structure, noting in particular the presence of the belly that wasn’t there before. Of course, some admit that they have always had a bit of swelling by constitution. But at a certain point it leavened, becoming resistant to the classic individual remise en forme »- explains the doctor.

What does the belly look like at 50?

“To answer this question, one must observe the patient without clothes and standing. So you can see at a glance if the increase in the belly depends first of all on the force of gravity »- specifies the expert. At this age, the first can occur sagging skin, also due to any pregnancies, which enlarge the abdominal area.

«Once this has been ascertained or excluded, the position of the bacon, i.e. high or low. If the swelling affects the upper abdomen area, that is, above the navel to where the sternum ends, the problem is often of a gastric inflammatory nature associated with fat. If, on the other hand, the location of the belly is low, i.e. from the navel – or just above – to the pubis, it is a question of localized fat. It is the typical bacon that widens the female silhouette »- explains the nutritionist.

But that’s not enough, it is necessary to identify whether it is subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The difference? «If there are folds, that is soft folds, visible especially when you sit down, the fat is subcutaneous; if, on the other hand, the belly is hard and rigid, it is visceral fat, the one present in the depths, which also envelops the internal organs ». In many cases, 50-year-old bacon is a mix of both types of fat.

The belly is always and only a matter of fat? “No, because the fat can be associated with irritable colon, intestinal gas and other inflammations of the digestive tract: the doctor understands this during the examination on the couch”.

The causes: not just menopause

Those responsible for bacon are hormones, or rather the hormonal fluctuations typical of this age. But the fault is not just the menopause, as is commonly believed. “In addition to estrogen, which decreases around the age of 50, other non-sexual hormones are involved – clarifies Dr. Masuzzo. A cascade reaction occurs whereby the drop in estrogen lowers the production of thyroid hormones which typically leads to gaining weight.

Furthermore, at 50, progesterone decreases, which leads to more stress, with the consequence of the increase of both the nervous hunger that of the cortisol, the other hormone responsible for enlarging the abdomen ». As if that were not enough, it takes theinsulin, the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood, contributing to its transformation into energy. “If the insulin is too much, the body transforms the sugars into fat, especially visceral”.

How to eliminate the fat located on the abdomen

As it has been described, the picture is decidedly disheartening, but we must not be discouraged: you can lose weight on your stomach at 50! «Yes, although it must be remembered that the localized weight loss is the most difficult to achieve with improvised low-calorie regimes – specifies the nutritionist – one of the diets that most effectively resolves the various causes of a prominent abdomen is a medical ketogenic approach, to be followed only upon prescription ». What is it about?

“It is a diet in which carbohydrates are greatly reduced – but not eliminated – and proteins remain in the standard quotas (ie 0.8 g per kg of body weight ed): this means that the body, in order to have the energy necessary, consumes the one coming from the accumulated fat in excess. In this way, neither muscle tone nor skin elasticity is lost, delicate aspects in this age ».

With unbalanced diets, the risk is to dry out where it is not needed, perhaps in the upper part of the body, and find yourself with bearings too many, despite food restrictions. The medical ketogenic diet, on the other hand, acts as a “food liposuction“of the body, streamlining where it is needed without wasting the body or face or letting the tissues collapse.” Not only that, it reduces inflammation and helps eliminate liquids, other factors that contribute to a swollen and prominent belly “.

ketogenic diet

Food tips for a flat stomach

What if a woman doesn’t want to follow a specific diet? «The advice is to increase the consumption of fibers, since they cure the causes of constipation ”- suggests the doctor. «The amount of fiber must exceed 30 grams per day and must come from whole foods (bread and pasta), come on legumes, from fruit and vegetables, especially green and leafy ». Afraid of swelling even more? «It is only a momentary sensation, after a week-10 days of increased intake of fiber we see ourselves drier. Prunes and kiwis are particularly recommended against abdominal swelling. As well as i probiotics and supplements based on ginger, fennel, cinnamon and star anise, further allies of the flat stomach ».

And to reduce the adiposity? «I recommend the Mediterranean diet with clow glycemic index foods (vegetables, whole foods, legumes, meat and fish are examples). In the case of packaged foods, just check the nutritional tables on the back of the packs, in particular the item “carbohydrates of which sugars”: the lower this value, the higher the probability that it is a food with a low glycemic index ” .

Food “snacks” such as dessert, frying or an extra glass of wine are allowed, provided that the permitted carbohydrate quota is included within the week. How? The next day, an excess of food must be reduced – and never eliminated – one share of sugars: for example, you can not eat bread or limit pasta. And above all, never miss the proteins and good lipids, such as those from fish and extra virgin olive oil ».

Mistakes not to make

One of the most frequent mistakes to get rid of the belly is to undergo severe calorie restrictions independently, and without the advice of a nutritionist. “You risk seeing the rest of your body dry out, except in the area that interests you most.” And it is precisely the aesthetics of the body that are affected (and of the face and breasts, we might add).

“Excessive deprivation, moreover, if prolonged for a long time, leads to a psychological effect called” rebound “: after a variable time the mind feels the need to eat as before if not more, with the result of regaining the lost centimeters and kg . But also with the risk of incurring insulin resistance, which complicates weight loss ».

Therefore prohibited skipping meals. «But also forget to drink during them, since water aids digestion, to the benefit of one less swollen belly. It is also wrong to believe that fruit after lunch makes you fat: it actually increases the amount of fiber. Better to avoid those too sugary, such as figs and grapes ».

Physical activity to flatten the belly

«The most suitable is the resistance activity which enhances the muscle strength with the use of weights, dumbbells and elastic bands for fitness, to always be performed with the abdomen contracted »- suggests the doctor. The reason? “Have one toned muscles of the whole body increases the metabolism, but the abdominals are not recommended because they “swell” the abdominal muscle, with the result of creating thickness in the belly. Instead, you have to play cunning, strengthening the muscles of shoulder, back and buttocks to improve the proportions, approaching the typical female hourglass shape ».

The specific fitness exercises

“The belly flattens thanks to” functional movements “, that is complex movements, capable of involving several joints – confirms theathlete Matteo Piran, individual coach and trainer and owner of Box Crossfit® – better if in a slow and controlled way.
In particular, bodyweight squat, deadlifts, pushups, overhead presses and SIT ups must be the basis of the training program, accompanied by brisk walking sessions, swimming or cycling, also useful to work on the heart and lungs, and generate an important calorie expenditure. Aerobic activities must be carried out on days other than those dedicated to muscle strengthening, to prevent them from canceling the effects ».

If you want to know more about functional training, useful for losing weight and getting a flatter stomach, but also for improving posture, coordination and balance, read the article: Functional training to lose weight and improve daily motor skills.

The products that help

As part of a diet and fitness program, flat stomach products support slimming efforts. It can be applied slimming creams based on algae, mud and caffeine; or firming containing escin; or much more comfortably wear one remodeling band.

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ReduxCELL Slimming Body Cream by BioNike DEFENSE BODY

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Aesthetic treatments

What if, despite the diet, fitness and products, the belly remains “chubby”? You can undergo aesthetic treatments that act locally on the subcutaneous fat. Some examples are the mesotherapy, cryotherapy and therapies with ultrasound and microwave machines.

With these tips you should show off the Flat stomach for quite some time, even if it is physiological to regain 1-2 kg after a few years. The body interprets diets as times of famine. “But in the meantime, those who have corrected their eating habits will have learned to eat correctly: thus losing them will be much easier” – concludes the nutritionist Masuzzo.

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