Flat, padded and smooth: the sandals that are going to be worn the most are committed to comfort, and we love them!


The world of sandals is as wide as we want, but what is certain is that we will always find a comfortable design that, in addition to being a trend, will help us complete stylish looks. We have joined the trend that wants to add color to your feet and your looks and we have signed up for the sports sandals that are also worn this year. But since we want to have a design that is pure comfort, we also have in our sights the sandals that are going to be worn the most and they are flat, padded and smooth.

Ideal for our looks with jeans, but also with shirt dresses, We have found this footwear that cannot be missing in our wardrobe at Zara and Massimo Dutti, in four very different colors but perfect for our seasonal looks. You will only have to choose which of them suits your style.

The Zara model is available in mink gray, black and purple and comes with wide padded leather strap on the instep and it has a square toe and heel.

The sole has a height of 1.2 centimeters, and are available between numbers 35 and 42 for 25.95 euros.

At Massimo Dutti They have opted for khaki and black for sandals made of leather with a matching sole and square toe and heel.

They cost 59.95 euros and are available between numbers 35 and 42 and belong to the sustainable collection of the firm as they are made with tanned leather using more sustainable practices.

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