Flared shorts, the summer trend that triumphs among influencers and favors a lot


This summer the
pants They are triumphing in different versions that you must sign. The first of them are the sold-out widths and patterns like these and with the Mango waiting list that Nuria Roca has worn. The second is a very flattering one that opts for linen models that fit so well. If yours is
the short, you should know that this season is succeeding
the flared design which is the most original and feels great.

We are talking about a short pants model that is characterized by a
high waist and flared pleated legs that achieve a visual effect of a flared skirt. A very original design that we already saw last season by the hand of the sisters
Ferragni and that this season it seems that they are also stomping.
Chiara and Valentina they wore models in different colors like white, denim or even green in nets and they combined it with very summery and beachy looks.

Now it seems that this garment is already included in everyday casual looks and has reached Spanish firms such as
The Desire Shop.
Veronica Diaz She has been one of the influencers who have worn it on her Instagram profile and has shown that it looks great with a denim model from this firm.

they cost
24.95 euros and they are available from size 34 to 42 and you can get them at
a blue or gray distressed denim, in lilac and even with a nice scarf-like pattern In color blue. You only need to add a basic shirt and comfortable flat sandals and you will be ready to succeed with an original, sophisticated and very flattering look.

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