Flaking nails: causes and remedies

Unghie sfaldate: le cause e i rimedi per combatterne la fragilità

The flaking nails I’m a alarm signal that our body throws at us. As happens with the eyes and hair, in fact, even the nails that lose strength want to communicate something to us: a lack, an illness or a disorder.

The fragility of our nails can depend on several factors, for this reason decoding the message that our organism gives us can be initially more difficult than expected. To do it in the best possible way it is necessary know your body, their habits and needs, which is why often (unless it is a disease, in this case the help of a doctor is essential) to solve this problem it is sufficient to listen and observe your body, which will explain how it is best to behave.

Flaking nails: the 4 most common causes

As we have anticipated, the reasons for the fragility of our nails can be various. Find below the main causes of the weakening of our nails: nutrition, aging, cosmetics and diseases.

1. Power supply

Poor nutrition can be one of the main causes of nail flaking. Like many of the other problems that affect our body, nail health also depends on taking the right dose of nutrients. In this precise case, the health of the nails is fundamental vitamin A, calcium and vitamin B6.

Improving nutrition is very simple: it is enough to vary the diet, adding ingredients that contain the precious vitamins that our nails need.

2. Aging

As we all know aging is definitely one of the prime causes of fragility of our whole body: as bones, skin and hair weaken over the years, so does the nails, which become weaker and flake off more easily.

3. Cosmetics

Solvent: causes flaking nailsSource: web

Unfortunately, even the cosmetics we use on our nails cause them to flake, especially when we choose low quality products. The first product to increase the fragility of our nails is definitely the solvent used to remove enamel; solvent substances dehydrate the nail and compromise its solidity. A good tip is to always choose quality products whether it is enamels, solvents or oils, without ever abusing them.

Not only the solvent, but also i chemical products at too low or too high pH that our nails can encounter, they lead to changes in structure.

4. Diseases

Flaking nails can often be symptoms of diseases or ailments affecting our body. Among the many we find ailments to the thyroid is stress psycho-physical.

The most common remedies for flaking nails

As you can easily guess, nail flaking remedies vary according to their triggering cause. For this we have reported some of the best remedies to flaking nails, the causes of which are those listed above.

  • If the cause of the flaking is the dehydration, it is sufficient to act with a moisturizer, using masks for hands and nails or compresses with moisturizing products. Valid products for this purpose are olive oil, shea butter, lip balm and almond oil, that is everything that has the ability to compensate for the loss of substances that make up the structure of the nail. it is sufficient to apply one of these products on the nails once a day, for example in the evening before going to bed, so that they can fully penetrate our nails, moisturizing and fortifying them day after day.

Masks: flaked nails remedySource: web

  • In the event that the cause of flaking nails is found in thesupply all you need to do is supplement your diet, enriching it with vitamins and minerals. Some of the foods that can help in this process are egg yolks, legumes, meat and fish but not only. A further remedy can be found in the supplements (based on vitamins and minerals) found in pharmacies and herbalists.
  • When the triggering cause lies instead in pathologies and disorders, the only way to combat nail weakness is cure the disease in question. As the disease heals, the nails will regain solidity at the same time.

In this case we strongly advise you to prefer theintervention of a doctor to experimentation with natural remedies: even if the symptoms are aesthetic, we could still deal with diseases that are dangerous for our body.

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