Five ideas from top influencers to turn socks and tights into the stars of your spring looks


The challenge is not without risks: the use of socks and socks that we are going to propose below is available only to those who are very fond of the trend. A certain taste for experimentation and differentiation is necessary to emphasize in this way the most beloved accessories for the legs. We are not going to hide it: if you don’t like being looked at or prefer to dress as discreetly as possible, this trend is not for you. But if you consider fashion an opportunity to have fun, we have it clear: you are going to love it. Alexandra Pereira shows us the most handy option: loafers with white socks. Stepping strong.

This combination, loafers with socks, is central to the spring trend, and if you are thinking of a look with a mini skirt, shorts or Bermuda shorts and loafers, we cannot insist any more that you bet on clearly visible socks. They can be white, but they can also be red, as we see in the hilarious look of Alexa Chung.

If you don’t see yourself betting on socks because it seems like a very youthful resource, no problem. Stockings also play a leading role in the spring trend, especially in this version to which you will not be able to put a single but: hyper decorated and with grid texture It’s about bringing back the spirit of the 80s, so any kind of excess is welcome in the stockings. Of course: the rest of the outfit, rigorous black.

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To contrast, we want to show you this radical version seen at Milan Fashion Week. It is only suitable for very specific ‘fashionistas’ occasions, indoor parties or friends’ gatherings, but the resource is fantastic. Just get that brutal low cut in any dress or long skirt and find some shocking decorated stockings.

Finally, a twist of the average trend something more discreet, but that also requires some daring. It’s about combining gigantic track-soled shoes with the executives of a lifetime, in sight. Let’s not hide the rubber: it is the grace of the look. You have surely recognized the iconic Prada logo triangle, but if you get some basic executives you get the same. And very cheap.

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