Fight cellulite with self-massage and the right tools


If you learn the techniques for spreading anti-cellulite cream, you will be amazed at the results. However, it takes perseverance and a pinch of dedication. Until it comes automatic to you

An anti-cellulite product works best when applied with a ritual aimed at draining the skin. But also a body cream or a massage oil they can perform the same function, if applied methodically. Of course, hasty gestures are not enough to see the Orange peel “re-compact”: it takes at least 10 minutes. Why not make them a daily commitment? If you think about it, you have three months to say goodbye to cellulite, and that’s not a few!

How to do anti-cellulite self-massage

The main rule of a cellulite massage is to always start From the bottom to the top, keeping your legs slightly raised.

These two measures activate the venous circulation return, that is, the path of blood from the extremities towards the heart, resulting in a feeling of lightness. In addition, the lymphatic circulation is stimulated with the result of dispose of toxins more easily.

An effective self-massage also requires that each movement be repeated several times, controlling the rhythm and pressure of the gestures. To help you “manipulate” the skin, use anti-cellulite creams or oils: not only will your hands flow better over large areas such as thighs, buttocks, hips and culotte de cheval, but you will ensure that the active ingredients are more absorbed.

cellulite massager glove

Do-it-yourself cellulite massage

Here is a short tutorial to combat the cellulite with a DIY massage.

Take a walnut of product and apply it on affected area with fluid and slow movements, from bottom to top. For example, start with lower thighs, just above the knee and then slowly rise towards the top, near the groin. But, if your legs are particularly swollen, you can start at the ankles. Initially, your hands should not press excessively on the fabrics. If the cream dries in the meantime, take some more.

Now open your hands and perform with your palms small concentric circles on the skin. This friction improves local circulation. Then place both hands on the area to be treated (for example the ankle), trying to bandage it. Press lightly for a few seconds, rising a few centimeters, then stop and press again and then release your hands shortly after. It is an alternating movement to be performed for the whole leg: it serves to stimulate the circulatory system.

If done regularly, these massages on the calves and thighs they give you a pleasant deflating effect.

Self-massage for cellulite on buttocks and hips

Is cellulite concentrated on the buttocks and hips? Then, do the massage standing, preferably in front of the mirror. Distribute the product on the buttocks with strokes of the open hands from the bottom up. Similarly, on the hips perform sweeps on the outside of the thighs to the waist.

After brushing the skin, move on to “kneading” the fabrics as if you wanted to move them from top to bottom. Then grab the skin with gods pinching without pressing too hard.

Does cellulite self-massage work?

Massaging the calves serves even more to stimulate the peripheral microcirculation and the drainage of waste fluids, since they are the farthest part from the heart that can be affected by water retention, the cause of cellulite.

Lie down and lean your legs against the wall. Lightly heat the anti-cellulite product with your palms, then, gird your ankle with both hands and apply light “pump” pressures, rising slightly a few centimeters at a time, up to the attachment of the thigh to the groin.

cellulite massage

The tools to do anti-cellulite massage on your own

Do you have little patience to perform self-massage manually? On the market there are electric and non-electric massagers, which make the task easier for you. A few examples:

  • gloves equipped with microspheres that make the cream flow better, exerting pressure that activates circulation;
  • massagers with micro-currents that firm the tissues;
  • rollers that improve the appearance of the orange peel;
  • cups that suck the skin, exercising the massage called vacuum (vacuum) that smoothes the skin;
  • brushes with natural bristles to perform the dry brush (dry brushing) before getting into the shower.

See our selection of anti-cellulite massagers to perform a practical do-it-yourself massage against water retention.

Anti-cellulite massage glove Magnetic Massage by REDUX

Body Massager, a device of Gieffe Beauty
Use micro-currents to firm the skin and fight cellulite.

Cellu-cup Colorchange
Silicone tool to perform the anti-cellulite massage called “cupping”.

Beurer Anti-Cellulite Massage – CM 50
Its massage wheels have 2 intensity levels.

Kostkamm dry massage brush
It has a removable handle for use in various ways.

More tips on DIY anti-cellulite massage

To better penetrate the active ingredients of anti-cellulite creams, perform a scrub at least twice a week: to free the skin surface of dead cells, smooth the epidermis and improve its appearance.

The creams to watch out for? It depends on why your cellulite formed.

For cellulite caused by a circulatory deficiency, use the plant extracts, such as gotu kola, ivy, horse chestnut, rusco, escin, green tea, spirulina: all these substances favor the circulation and drainage of liquids.

If, on the other hand, the problem depends more on fatty deposits, use cosmetics based on Seaweed such as fucus and laminaria which speed up the dissolution of fat by reducing the volume of fat cells. Caffeine and guarana are also useful.

Finally, the almond vegetable oils and the gingko biloba extracts have an elasticizing action that help to redensify the tissues, all to the advantage of an anti-cellulite treatment!

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