Fifth edition of Terre de Femmes by Yves Rocher


Food recovery, dolphin defense and help for an orphanage in Tanzania the projects awarded by the Yves Rocher Foundation in the 2020-21 edition

Fifth edition for the award Terres de Femmes of the Yves Rocher Foundation, an initiative that gives enterprising women the opportunity to carry out projects in favor of the planet. Not only safeguarding the environment, but also concrete help to the most disadvantaged communities. Without neglecting the key concepts of sustainability and inclusionand from every point of view.

74 applications arrived this year, 10 finalists and 3 women awarded. All competing projects contribute to the improvement of global environmental conditions and biodiversity.

Let’s find out together the winners of this edition!

First place: Rebecca Zaccarini – “Recup” project

Rebecca Zaccarini’s commitment is to reduce food waste, recovering the waste from the fruit and vegetable markets, deemed unsaleable for aesthetic reasons. The project is called Recovery, which is the name of the association she founded in 2016, and operating in Milan. Since 2016, the recovered fruit and vegetables amounted to almost 100 tons.

He picks up, retrieves fruit and vegetables and distributes them for free to those in need He picks up, retrieves fruit and vegetables and distributes them for free to those in need

The prize of 10,000 euros will allow to continue the recovery of products otherwise lost at theOrtomercato of Milan, to then distribute them to people in need. It will also involve people who need to be reintegrated into society. And it will continue to raise awareness among secondary school children.

Second place: Jessica Alessi – Project on the conservation of the giants of the Sicilian channel

Jessica Alessi explore and monitor the waters of the Sicilian Channel to learn more about its fauna, especially cetaceans. The goal is to investigate the health of the dolphins, to protect its survival, threatened by illegal fishing, drilling, excessive pollution, tourism, noise disturbance, etc.

Dolphins of the Sicilian Channel Dolphins of the Sicilian Channel

The prize of the Yves Rocher Foundation, amounting to 5000, euros will be used for cover the expenses necessary to carry out scientific research, increasing the equipment of the boat and equipping it for offshore navigation. The dissemination actions aimed at young people and children will also be implemented, with an on-board teaching program.

Third place: Daniela De Donno – Family vegetable gardens project for Sanganiwa

The project conceived by Daniela De Donno is called «Sanganigwa Children’s Home», e offers help to an orphanage in Tanzania, threatened by scarce water availability. At stake is the productive capacity of the gardens. The aid consists in the implementation of tools to irrigate the gardens, and in the planting of some perennial herbaceous plants, in order to contain malaria.

Daniela De Donno with the children of the Sanganigwa orphanage Daniela De Donno with the children of the Sanganigwa orphanage

The prize, of 3000 euros, will be essential to provide for the construction of water network consolidation works, in order to increase the availability of water and consolidate the increase in fruit and vegetable productivity. So the children will be able to have guaranteed food!

Yves Rocher Italia becomes a Benefit Company

Benefit company means pursuing the dual purpose of generate a positive impact not only for the shareholders but also for all those involved in the activity of the company itself. Each year, the Benefit Companies are required by law to report on the impacts generated and the objectives they had set for themselves the previous year. “With the choice to become a Benefit Company, we have started a commitment and an even more active participation in the territory in order to be protagonists in Italy of a real change and, on a global level, alongside all those companies that, like us, intend to contribute to a true paradigm evolution. What seems impossible today may be possible tomorrow ”- he says Benoit Ponte, General Manager Yves Rocher Italy.

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