Faux leather: what it is, the garments and outfits


In recent years, fashion has also been increasingly attentive to the environment and to the materials used to make clothes and accessories. In this context it fits eco-leather which by definition is deemed a type of leather (or leather) with a reduced environmental impact and which responds to very specific legislation in terms of production.

It is also called ecological leather or eco-leather by insiders.

How is eco-leather made?

To be clear, eco-leather is a leather of animal origin tanned with low impact techniques for the environment according to a very specific rule that also protects the consumer. Having said that, it must be borne in mind that thefaux leather is an animal skin. Basically, it becomes “ecological” if treated with strictly low environmental impact agents.

Therefore, when we decide to buy a leather garment (whether it is eco-leather, real leather or fake leather), we have to deal with all the aspects at stake, including animal origin and pollution.

In fact, choosing a faux leather garment means choosing a garment that pollutes the environment in order to be produced. On the other hand, wearing a real leather or faux leather garment means being aware that the origin of that leather is animal. Relying on trusted brands and certified and aware producers is in any case the best choice.

Differences between faux leather and faux leather

For this you need to be careful distinction between faux leather and faux leather, which are often confused. The misunderstanding was born during the 90s, when the term eco-leather was used improperly to indicate an artificial material, which is similar to leather but is essentially obtained from the processing of plastic.

Even today we mistakenly use the term faux leather to indicate faux leather of non-animal origin.

The eco-leather is therefore real leather worked in compliance with the environment and the rules established precisely to protect workers and producers. There leatherette on the other hand is a synthetic leather, worked with resins or synthetic materials in order to take on an appearance similar to natural leather or leather. It goes without saying that eco-leather has a clearly higher cost than eco-leather, due to the raw materials used.

The eco-leather garments you can’t give up on

What are the faux leather garments that we all should in the closet? We have identified a outerwear, a garment it’s a shoe. In their eco-leather version they will become quality evergreens in your wardrobe, capable of lasting over time:

1. Biker jacket

It is an iconic, practically mythical outerwear, symbol of entire generations that never goes out of fashion. It represents the right choice during the half seasons and when we want to create a look with a sporty and rock soul.

D'ARIENZO Biker jacket in genuine leather for women, black color

D’ARIENZO Biker jacket in genuine leather for women, black color

Women’s jacket made entirely of leather and produced in Italy. It has 4 front pockets and zip closure. It fits snugly and the lining is light.

169 € on Amazon


  • Only suitable for mid-seasons

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2. Faux leather skirt

A piece of clothing that remains in vogue from season to season, no matter whether it is long or short, tight to a sheath or pleated, there is a perfect leather skirt for each of us.

Real leather skirt

Real leather skirt

Skirt made of genuine leather. Available in black, brown or gray. Zip closure.

€ 94 on Amazon

3. Faux leather boots

They represent an evergreen shoe suitable for several seasons and atmospheric conditions, if you choose quality boots they will be able to accompany our steps for many years. The soles make the difference according to the type of use we need.

GEOX High boots in genuine leather for women, black color

GEOX High boots in genuine leather for women, black color

High boots for women, in leather with synthetic sole. Suitable for the colder seasons and for everyday use. Zipper closure.

91 € on Amazon

155 € you save 64 €


  • Not suitable for the summer season

How to combine eco-leather? Some outfit tips

Wearing a leather garment means being able to achieve different types of looks based on combinations: the leather miniskirt, for example, can take on a different weight based on what you choose to combine with it. Together with a décolleté with heel and a long tights it can make an outfit extremely elegant, while if worn with combat boots the tones are decidedly softened for a perfect casual look.

The leather garment par excellence always remains the jacket (also called a nail), the protagonist of the 80s and 90s an iconic piece for the punk rock generation: the seasons pass but he never passes: worn, studded, with fringes, no matter the model, investing in such a garment means finding yourself in the wardrobe the perfect outerwear for seasons like spring or autumn.

The combinations are endless: the leather jacket goes well with practically everything, seeing is believing.

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