Fall / winter 2021/2022 fashion: genderless freedom


What will we wear in the next cold season? The catwalks feature animal prints, bright colors that bring a good mood and a mixture of different styles that play with the imagination. There fall / winter fashion 2021/2022 looks at a constantly changing society and photographs reality by proposing a series of collections composed of inclusive and genderless clothing.

The fashion sector (finally) begins to break down the age-old distinctions of gender and category in favor of a generation that does not look at sex differences and does not want to define itself but only to tell its individuality. The result? A interchangeable wardrobe where, for example, the classic pleated skirt becomes the cult garment to wear together with a pair of trousers and a trench coat to create a unisex outfit perfect for any occasion.

Fall / winter 2021/2022 fashion announces the diktats to follow: genderless freedom and self-expression. Let’s see what are the must-have items to have in your wardrobe.

1) Fall / winter 2021/2022 fashion: grass green

fall / winter 2021/2022 trendsSalvatore Ferragamo, Valentino Fall / Winter 2021/2022. Source: Salvatoreferragamo.com, Valentino.com

Color symbol of sustainability, the green grass it is the seasonal shade that conquers for its ability to instill optimism and good humor. Fresh and lively, this nuance is the protagonist of the autumn catwalks, declined on long tailored trench coats, suits and accessories such as bags and shoes. Thus, the stylists invite you to wear grass green with bright, bright and energetic touches in a total look version or in combination with lilac, black and tiffany green.

2) The college style

fall / winter fashion 2021/2022Burberry, Philosphy Fall Winter 2021/2022. Source: Burberry.com, Philosophy.com

Fall / winter 2021/2022 fashion brings college style back into fashion. Also known as “preppy style”, it was born between the 50s and 60s in American universities and now returns to give a touch of elegance and sportiness to any look. How to create it? Go ahead with stripes, moccasins, check fabrics and an oversized sweatshirt with badges and maxi lettering, without forgetting a pleated skirt in mini and midi versions to wear with maxi combat boots or over a pair of trousers.

An example? The outfit proposed on the catwalk by the Burberry brand consists of sweatshirt, tailored trousers and pleated skirt that create a genderless look to wear every day.

3) The balaclava

fall winter 2021/2022Miu Miu, Givenchy Fall / Winter 2021/2022. Source: Miumiu.com, Givenchy.com

In view of the cold and dull winter days, the balaclava becomes the accessory in colored wool to complete sporty or casual looks. The fall winter 2021/2022 collection by Miu Miu proposes it in soft wool and covers head and mouth with a lively and vitaminic nuances of yellow. While, Givenchy creates it in a cat-shaped model combined with a sensual wool jumpsuit.

4) The faux fur

fall / winter fashion 2021/2022Amir, Givenchy Fall / Winter 2021/2022. Source: Amir.com, Givenchy.com

Luxury yes, but conscious: this is the message launched by one of the latest fashion trends of the next cold season which proposes enveloping, soft and animal-friendly eco-fur among the must-haves. Thus, it becomes the ideal outerwear to protect yourself from the cold to match long dresses or suits of jacket and trousers and becomes the genderless garment to have in your wardrobe.

5) The animal print

fall / winter fashion 2021/2022Michael Kors, Amir Fall Winter 2021/2022. Source: MichaelKors.com, Amir.com

After a short period of absence from the fashion world, the animal print returns among the trends of next autumn / winter 2021/2022 with its wild and free spirit. This time, however, the genderless fantasy is affirmed to be declined on tailored blazers and coats to be worn by everyone and with everything.

6) The wool mania

fall / winter fashion 2021/2022Dolce & Gabbana, Ulla Johnson fall winter 2021/2022. Source: Dolce & gabbana.com, Ullajohnson.com

Whether in solid colors with bright or pastel colors, or declined on bohemian and pop patterns, wool is the symbolic fabric of winter that is about to become a real craze. In fact, the designers have decided to decline it in multiple clothing items of the new collections: on midi and long dresses, on dolce vita XXL, on wide and soft coats and on accessories such as bags and hats. Dress entirely in wool to be trendy while staying warm.

7) The glitter details

Ludovic de Dain Sernin Fall / Winter 2021/2022. Source: Ludovicsaintsernin.com

To create a party look that does not go unnoticed, the fall winter 2021/2022 fashion suggests focusing on details with a shiny effect such as glitter, rhinestones and sequins. How to wear them? On mini dresses or long dresses, on clutches and shoulder bags or bralettes.

8) Trekking shoes

fall / winter fashion 2021/2022Jacquemus Fall Winter 2021/2022. Source: Jacquemus.com

Not only for long walks in the countryside or through woods and hills, trekking shoes are transformed into sports shoes to be worn even in the city. The latest in fashion offer to show them off together with maxi colored socks or over the hems of the trousers.

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