Fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes: trendy models


Disappearances and great reappearances. The trends that will affect the fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes are based on these two words.

Now the cold season is upon us and the time has finally come to reveal and find out what will be the most important trends that will mark the cold period of the year. First of all it is the reconfirmation of boots in all their shapes, colors and silhouettes, which is also accompanied by the comfort and versatility of moccasins and the delicate but decisive models of baby Mary Jane.

Among the great reappearances of the past we find again the 70s mood on shoes with heels, chatted among the disappearances of this year are instead sneakers: an absolute must have for a few years, do not disappear completely but for this fall / winter they give the throne to the more classic lace-ups.

Fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes: the trends

fall / winter 2020/2021 shoesFashion trends in shoes: next season chains and rain boots will rule. Source: pinterest

On the catwalks we have also spotted them on the garments, but the chains will be the new rock detail that will dominate the accessories of the cold season. Much loved in the thinnest and most delicate version, ankle straps are reinvented on the N. 21 shoes, giving a more decisive and confident character to the classic and refined décolleté or slingbacks.

Among the boots, all the spotlights will be on rainproof models that will be proposed and produced in many versions, especially in the more eccentric ones, such as the total white with cream details and the shaped sole by Versace, or in pastel colors, such as the big bubble boot seen by Bottega Veneta.

Aonegold rubber rain boots

Aonegold rubber rain boots

The boot you were missing

Aonegold rain boots will be your secret weapon to encounter the windiest and windiest autumn days. Available in three different color variants (brown, black and burgundy), you can choose between some details such as the red zipper on the back, or the shiny detail on the toe of the boot.

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  • Available in three different colors: brown, black and burgundy
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Boots: from the city to the mountains

As for any self-respecting cold season this year too boots will again be the most popular footwear, and it is easy to understand why: they can be worn in many different ways, both combined with trousers, softer or more tight-fitting, and with more or less dry dresses and skirts.

On the catwalks we saw them parading in all colors, heights and silhouettes. But the real novelty of this year we spotted her from Tory Burch and they will be floral, patterned or more simply embellished boots with just a few details which will be flanked by wild and bold animal prints, such as the particular in cream-colored python proposed by Public Desire on a Texan with a high leg.

The cuissardes model in suede remains the most loved and sought after, perhaps thanks to its indispensable versatility.

fall / winter 2020/2021 shoesBoots, from cuissardes models to the novelty of hiking boots. Source: pinterest; asos

For those who prefer a sportier and faster version will be the hiking boots, the classic mountain boots who in record time have redone their look to become the new object of desire.

This year the designers have revisited them in a girly key, equipped (also) with a comfortable heel and silhouette more in line with fashion trends, without neglecting the characteristics that have made them unique, just like the Christian Dior maison did: always sporty version, with laces and side hooks, and the big para with slightly reinforced toe.

River Island, in its new winter catalog, offers its version of hiking boots with thick, textured sole and padded ankle that gives greater comfort. The real must have? The total white models, to give a more decisive touch to all your outfits!

70s mood for shoes with heels

This year the heels will take back the scene as well as your shoe racks: the fashion universe rediscovers the hyper feminine elegance of the vertiginous pumps with stiletto heels and ankle strap, alongside the versions that find an apparent clash with the more sporty and rigid lines, like the one spotted Prada.

The carefree fashion of the 70s makes itself felt again, and it does revisiting and bringing back the iconic platform shoes, square toe and characterized by dizzying heights with shaped or sculptural heel, like those seen by Celine.

In the new ASOS catalog, the “Presta” model appears among the fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes in silver, perfectly in line with next season’s trends!

fall / winter 2020/2021 shoesHeeled shoes in the fall / winter 2020/2021 collections. Source: pinterest; asos

The slingbacks will also be very popular which, practical and comfortable, can be worn in everyday outfits but in their more daring version, in patent leather, preferably colored and a bit eccentric. This model is perfect to show off at any time of the day: from the office to a dinner, combined with both an elegant suit and a midi skirt or dress.

Soireelady thin heel slingback

Soireelady thin heel slingback

Available in many colors, the slingbacks proposed by Soireelady are perfect to be worn at any time of the day. The 6.5 cm heel is practical and comfortable and, thanks to the wide range of colors in which they are proposed, you can choose whether to wear it with a pair of jeans and a blouse or combined with a more elegant and formal suit.

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  • Available in different patterns and colors
  • The 6.5 cm heel is practical and comfortable
  • The strap closes with a small buckle


  • In model it is in paint-like, so initially they could be stiff

Flat shoes: between open models and moccasins

Among the fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes there will also be many mules, slippers and moccasins. Yes, you got it right: for this autumn the catwalks have consecrated both the shoe and the open sandal. This is because the climate changes we are experiencing have shown that the colder winter is slowly disappearing.

If you think that uncovering your feet in December or January is a gesture of extreme courage, you will change your mind, because the new combo to show off will be match your shoe with a pair of high socks (the terry variants are perfect) or thick and colorful tights, preferably with some particular detail, like the combination proposed on the Simone Rocha catwalk.

fall / winter 2020/2021 shoesFlat shoes, between open models and more classic moccasins. Source: pinterest; asos

As for the closed shoe, however, the moccasins will be the great protagonists of the next season: it opens this category Coach’s pastel pink model, which combines with a sock in a contrasting shade but which brings out the color of the shoe well.

In winter, the raised and thicker sole is ideal for tackling even the coldest and rainy days. RAID, in its new catalog, offers a black chunky moccasin with college detail on the front and blunt toe, perfect for those looking for a comfortable and no-frills shoe.

The sneakers

fall / winter 2020/2021 shoesThe great absent (but not entirely) of the season, sneakers. Source: pinterest; asos

I’m at the center of an interesting chat since the various fashion weeks around the world ended. Industry experts, fashion bloggers, fashion editors and all the fashion industry insiders have asked themselves a big question when on the catwalks they noticed that among the fall / winter 2020/2021 shoes they were missing, the sneakers.

This year, the designers have literally turned the cards on the table: in their looks, in their place, they have combined the most elegant little boys, even if the models of the sneaker are not lacking. Coach focuses on autumn and prefers follow the path of simplicity both in form and in colors, slightly venturing on the combinations of shades and materials that make up the sneakers.

The total white sneaker proposed by River Island is also inspired by clean shapes, where the red block crossed by a line gives a touch of color to the model.

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