Fall / winter 2020/2021 haircuts: trends


When we go to the beach we tend to think almost exclusively about protecting the skin, forgetting that even the hair needs targeted care. As soon as you return from vacation you find yourself managing a frizzy hair, ruined by exposure to the sun and the water of the sea or swimming pool and you run for cover, often opting for a drastic cut.

This is why as soon as summer gives way to warm temperatures and the thousand shades of autumn it is appropriate intervene on the hair to restore shine, softness and hydration.

To begin with, all you need to do is prepare an ultra-nourishing routine consisting of hair masks and leave them on for 10 to 15 minutes. If, on the other hand, you find the tips dry or particularly damaged, cut them: you do not need to opt for a definitive cut, but just eliminate that couple of centimeters.

Regarding fall / winter 2020/2021 haircuts experts all agree that, this year, the watchword will be Color Glow. The focus will no longer be on fashion colors and contrasts, but will focus on the exaltation of natural shades, aiming for bold but always delicate and never excessive shades.

The color will emphasize the naturalness and softness of the hair relying on two particular trends of the moment: the chocolate balayage and the mushroom blonde.

Hair and hairstyles: 5 trends for autumn / winter 2020/2021

haircuts fall / winter 2020/21Some of the fall / winter 2020/2 hair trends. Source: pinterest

The scarves will be the protagonists of the autumn. They strictly ask for the combination with a natural, soft and light hair, alternatively gathered in a messy bun or a soft and messy ponytail. The season of a thousand shades wants you to wear them inspired by the gypsy style: therefore, do not be afraid to dare and experiment with every possible form of turban, foulard, soft bandana or headband with knot (both above and below).

Retro look for fluffy hair. This year, autumn will be less rigorous than usual. The turnaround takes us back to the glorious 70s where the world of hair style is inspired by soft and absolutely voluminous locks, even better if backcombed. The relaxed naturalness of the hair rebels against all rigid and flawless hairstyles, leaving room for wild hair where the volume does not scare, but conquers. Nothing out of place.

If the fluffy effect is not for you and the wild freedom of the hair prefer the order of essential and minimal styling, get ready to trace lines to the millimeter and super defined. The search for volume gives way to low tails or buns, where the line in the center avoids the escape of rebellious tufts and locks in the wind, with the aim of framing the face and making it more Renaissance than ever. The side line, on the other hand, is the spokesperson for wet styling, extra lacquered and absolutely perfect.

haircuts fall / winter 2020/21The trend colors of this season: on the left the chocolate balayage, on the right the mushroom blonde. Source: pinterest

The Chocolate Balayage comes directly from New York City. Autumn is perfect for experimenting with melting and warm reflections, ideal for giving the hair a more full-bodied texture. The inspiration comes from the hair stylist Stephanie Brown who wanted to recreate lighter shades starting from a mocha base, already very dark and deep. This trend, in fact, points to the meeting of dark roots and lighter lengths, to be strategically created with the ultimate goal of illuminating and enhancing the face.

The variations of chocolate balayage are truly endless, but for this fall / winter the must-haves will be the shades of dark chocolate and milk with a touch of caramel, absolutely contemporary.

The return to the city can also be marked by colder shades, and so on mushroom blonde has already been crowned hair color for fall / winter 2020/2021. It is easy to understand why it conquers (and will conquer) so many fans: it is a blonde, but not the usual one. Silver? Yes, but not overly gray. Brown? Yes, but not that dark. It draws its inspiration directly from nature inviting those who choose it to abandon the schemes and embark on new experiments.

This color is the result of a perfectly balanced mix which sees its base in blond, but in a shade that is halfway between the darkest blond and the lightest brown. The last touch, the one that gives this color the splendid silver reflection is given by the gray.

Seventies inspiration for long hair

haircuts fall / winter 2020/21Long hair is straight, with light waves or with braids. Source: pinterest

The combination of long hair and parting in the middle is (without any doubt) the protagonist trend among the favorite hairstyles of the extra long lengths for fall / winter 2020/2021. Long hair this year prefers fullness and delicate movements on the tips. The end of summer takes away the beloved beach wave styling, while autumn is inspired by the 70s, where the hair prefers flat shapes on the root but very light waves on ends and lengths.

The long and scaled cut is confirmed, as every year, a trendy choice that has the advantage of customization, to be implemented according to the individual needs of each. Strategically distributed along the length, the scales enhance the face giving it new light and lightening hair that has become indomitable. The middle part alternates with the bangs that winter wants lateral and in its most jaunty version.

As for the hairstyles, however, the braids will have all the lights of the spotlight on them. Yes, you got it right: summer will take away that magical effect that sea water has on your hair, but not the long (very long!) braids. Low, softer, herringbone or slightly disheveled ones will alternate with semi-gathered or side hairstyles.

The soft effect bob: cuts for medium hair

haircuts fall / winter 2020/21Medium hair cuts and colors, with shoulder length. Source: pinterest

For the next season, next to the extra lengths shoulder-length cuts and long bobs are also reconfirmed left natural, including fringes. Always the medium cut is the best option as soon as you return from vacation and you choose to eliminate the tips or the part damaged by the sun and sea water.

The hair trends fall / winter 2020/21 want the cuts of the medium lengths articulated and eccentric. The scissors of your trusted hairdresser it will only cut where its intervention is needed and will leave the length of the healthiest tips unchangedthus creating a longer effect on the front and shorter on the back. The bangs, inevitable, are moved sideways and will be one of the strengths of these cuts.

Fall / winter 2020/2021 haircuts: short, jaunty but very elegant

haircuts fall / winter 2020/21The short cuts will be accompanied by rounded headbands and maxi side clips. Source: pinterest

Among the autumn / winter 2020/21 haircuts there will be shorter and saucy lengths. This fall the desire for transformation and experimentation will take over and it is precisely for this reason that, unexpectedly, the “Mullet” style will also return with all its unmistakable softness.

In winter, however, short hairstyles will become more rigorous and precise, and will be enriched with unique but always elegant details. A few examples? The rounded headband, in all its shades and patterns, preferably in velvet. Alternatively, the clips will give a side glam touch, preferably in a glitter version or in a minimal clip version.

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