Facial tonic: what it is, what it is for and when to use it


It’s time to add toner to your skincare routine, did you know? If you have confused ideas, you are in the right place to understand what it is and what it is for.

Let’s review the facial tonic: what is it and, above all, how is it used? It is a decidedly underrated product, but fundamental in every skincare routine self-respecting. To be applied in the morning and evening, but which does not necessarily have to be the same product, it is ideal for restore the balance of the skin and prepare her to receive serums, hydrant creams and possibly even make-up.

That you have the oily, dry, combination, normal or dehydrated skin it doesn’t matter: there is a serum for each type, the important thing is to know it thoroughly.

What is the tonic

It is difficult to clearly define what a tonic face because this treatment has a lot of properties. It comes in liquid form and, to apply it, you can use a disposable cotton pad, in microfiber or bamboo: wet it and pass it gently on the face without rubbing.

Alternatively you can also pour some a few drops on the hands and pass them on the face going to put light pressure on the cheeks, forehead and chin.

What is the tonic for

The real question that is surely going through your head is: but what is the tonic for? This product moisturizes the skin, eliminates skin impurities that accumulate in the pores, shrinks them and prepares it for further treatments such as serum, cream and face oil.

But not only that, the tonic has the ability to rebalances the ph of the skin fundamental function after cleansing the face and rinsing away all impurities with water which, in most cases, contains a high concentration of limestone.

When to use the toner

If you haven’t entered the tonico in your skincare routineand you also need to know when to use it and, this time, the answer is really simple. Apply it on your face after removing make-up and cleansing your face and before the serum. In this way your skin will not be completely dry and the active ingredients contained in serums and essences will have greater effect as well as being much more comfortable to the touch.

Morning or evening? Both. Include the toner in both of your skincare routines, but you can differentiate it according to the type and needs of your skin. For example, in the evening routine you prefer tonics based on salicylic acid which purifies the skin, but at the same time it is photosensitizer and, for this, it is best to use it only in the evening.

For the daily skincare routine, instead, opt for a moisturizing and soothing tonic: it will help you to give a feeling of freshness to the skin and to relax the skin before the serum.

Should the face tonic be rinsed off?

I would have asked you many times, but only because you did not yet know this product at its best, the answer is: no, the tonic should not be rinsed off. Its formulation, light and impalpable, must be left intact on the skin and must have time to act and penetrate deeply.

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