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Until yesterday this functionality was something for a few. The lucky ones who could create your own Instagram filters and effects for anyone to use they were brands, celebrities and creators who joined a Facebook beta program.

It was done with augmented reality and through the Facebook platform: Spark AR Studio. And now Any designer in the world, amateur or professional, can create them.

From now on anyone can create their own custom filter as reported by Facebook itself. You no longer need to be a Jenner for your filter to succeed as much as yours.

From the Spark AR tool, a person with some design knowledge can create their personalized effect for stories and Instagram photos from around the world.

How an effect is created for Instagram stories

When working just like any design tool, it is important to know that the program's interface to generate the files will be similar to any modeling and 3d animation program such as the free Blender. That is, it is designed by and for the enjoyment of designers.

Even so, The platform website offers lots of tutorials They explain how to use the tool according to the effects you are looking for and even offer basic video tutorials so that you can easily manage the application.

From the page of Spark AR you download the editing program and then you just need to install it on your computer. Once installed, you can create as many projects as you want.

When you finish the design, you must export it and from the Facebook platform, upload your file for later validation in this link (top right you have a blue button that says "upload effect"). In it, possible failures will be seen and it will be evaluated if it can hurt sensitivities and after approval, it will already be visible to all users.

On the same page of Spark Facebook you can classify your effects created by categories, which makes it easier for other users to find them more easily; view existing categories and look for effects that other designers have created; or even see the statistics of your designs.

Also, if you are looking for some inspiration for your own design, you can see examples here, and even subscribe to see the new additions or join the facebook group of the platform for the community to help you with your doubts or see works by different designers.

It won't be an easy task, but if you're a designer amateur you will no longer have to look with envy as other important designers create effects for Instagram while your ideas wait, because now you can be that designer.

Photo | Instagram @kyliejenner @gigihadid; Spark AR


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