Eyeshadows: which ones to choose based on eye color

Ombretti: quali scegliere in base al colore degli occhi

The eyeshadows they are pens with which we write the rules of our seduction and, more or less consciously, the messages that, in the form of gazes, we send to others.

The eyes they are in fact a very important part of the body for each of us. They are one of the business cards with which we introduce ourselves and look at the world and a powerful communication tool. It goes without saying that, even with regard to make-up, a well done eye makeup makes the difference and can give our eyes charm or magnetism.

Whether you opt for nude and natural shades or for smokey eyes with strong contrasts, the choice of eyeshadow says a lot about us.
But how to choose the perfect eyeshadows for our eyes? There is a discriminating factor above all: what we like, intense both in terms of color palette, both texture and yield (mat, glitter, shine, etc).

However, there are also some aesthetic rules that can guide us in choosing the best eyeshadow for our eyes, where “best” means the eyeshadow that more than others knows. enhance our eyes.

Eyeshadows for big and small eyes

An important role is certainly played by eye size: if large and protruding, for example, it would be better to opt for a make-up played on dark tones – gray, black, blue, but also brown and purple – so as to give depth and intensity to the look; while those with sunken or small eyes can play with light colors or pastel, which illuminate and enlarge.

But, even more, it is important to adapt the choice of eyeshadow to the eyes colour: or playing with contrast with respect to the shades of the iris, so as to emphasize the look; or by choosing tones in harmony with it, to obtain a decidedly elegant and sober result.

Green, blue or brown, whatever color your eyes are, the possibilities are therefore to create a tone-on-tone make-up, or dare with extreme shades and combinations, perhaps to be reserved for the most special occasions. A palette with different nuances it can be the best solution to play better with shades and tone on tone; while if the idea is to dare with contrasting colors, you can combine single-color eyeshadows to be applied on the entire mobile eyelid and then blended with a flat brush.

Following the advice of make-up artists in terms of eye shadow and eye color combinations, below we have selected some products, which can be purchased directly from the website www.loreal-paris.it, able to combine safety, reliability, professional performance with sustainability and economic accessibility. Because yes, it is possible to have professional tricks by spending the right amount.

The next step, therefore, is to understand which tones to choose based on the color of the eyes.

Eyeshadows for brown or brown eyes

Brown eyes (Source: web)

They are certainly among the most popular eye colors. If, as suggested, you want to create a refined look with a natural effect, the idea is to indulge yourself by choosing between the brown scale, from hazelnut to dove gray, without excluding mud or dark brown.

For a more elegant effect, you can opt for warm and bright colors, on tones of bronze, gold, up to the orange tones of apricot and coral. A sophisticated palette capable of enhancing dark brown eyes, such as that of Color Riche Quads L’Oreal, which has four colors with a soft and creamy texture, which give the eyelids a precious and shiny effect.

Color Riche Quads (Source: L’Oreal)

Eyeshadows for black eyes

Those with very dark or coffee-colored eyes can play with light and bright shades, because the watchword is to illuminate. Therefore, opt for the whole range of rosé, gold and amber shades, for example playing with Petite Palette by L’Oreal of this shade: four pigmented colors to mix with each other and a brightening eyes, the ideal solution to create a nude look.

Petite Palette (Source: L’Oreal)

Any advice on what not to do? Stay away from blacks, grays and too dark shades, which would end up darkening the eyes.

Eyeshadows for blue eyes

Blue eyes (Source: web)

It is probably the most desired eye color by many, but blue eye make-up may not be easy. Also in this case, you can choose whether to respect the colors of the iris by exploring the whole gamma of blues, starting from the most delicate blues up to the strongest tones; or play with contrast and aim for warm tones, from beige to gold, for example by choosing a shade such as Gold Mania of the Color Riche Monos L’Oreal, a single-color powder eyeshadow to be applied all over the eyelid for a truly surprising shiny effect.

Gold Mania (Source: L’Oreal)

A great alternative in terms of eyeshadows for blue eyes they are peaches, oranges, up to the colder shades of pink and purple.

Eyeshadows for gray eyes

Only a select few of us can boast such a particular eye color, and the advice to make it the spearhead of the face is to play on strong colors: dark gray, black, dark blue and purple are in fact ideal for highlighting the eyes with colors. so cold. Possibly also with effects smokey eyes

The gel texture of the eyeshadow Eye Pant by L’Oreal in shades of gray, for example, it allows a very long hold thanks to the ultra saturated pigments and the fact that it is absolutely waterproof.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Green eyes (Source: web)

Same goes for the green eyes: if you want a natural and elegant effect, you have to opt for ton sur ton eyeshadows – from the brightest shades of emerald green to darker and more intense ones, from undergrowth, to sage, to petroleum.

Purple, even very dark, lilac, burgundy or plum it is the contrasting colors that best enhance this color. The palette Color Riche by L’Oreal has 10 colors and a double-ended brush to create a perfect shaded make-up that gives intensity and depth to green eyes.

Color Riche (Source: L’Oreal)

Instead, play on a squad like the one proposed by Color Queen, oil eyeshadows available in matte, satin, glitter, if you have a rather bright shade of green.

Color Queen (Source: L’Oreal)

As you have seen, the possibilities are truly endless; there is nothing left to do but to free the creativity and decide if we want to dare or keep a more natural look to amaze… At first glance!

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