Eyeliner: new styles and cute ideas to try right away


A great classic that never goes out of fashion, but have you ever thought about upsetting the cards on the table and giving a twist to your eyeliner?

Of course, one eye never comes out the same as the other (or almost) but eyeliner is a great companion of beauty adventures. Elegant and chic in the total black version, the eyeliner has the ability to transform itself and become an energetic and super colorful sprint when you want to change your look and style (perhaps with a graphic make-up)

Maybe it’s time to change your perspective and start discovering all sides of this iconic product by searching and finding the best inspo looks on Instagram to try new styles and super cute eyeliner-themed ideas together.


Who says a crooked line isn’t a line of eyeliner to show off and show off? This is the demonstration that the eyeliner is not made only and only of tails and pigtails. Trust me.

Fluo lover

Does a single line of eyeliner seem too simple to you? Try it in a fluo color like yellow: trust me, you’ll make a great impression.

Lilac lover

A rock look declined in one of the most delicate colors there are: lilac. How can you not fall in love with it?

Double tail

Easier than it seems: the double tail, up and down, in the total black version will surely please you if you are fond of the classic black eyeliner. Yes to small bright applications in the outer corner to give light.

On fire

If your dexterity allows it, work with double colors and double lines. Here you shouldn’t miss a brush with a super fine tip to work precision and attention.

Deep blue

The perfect combo for darker eyes: electric blue. Try it if you have black or brown eyes and don’t forget to leave your face free and clean to make your eyes stand out.

Animal lover

Exaggerate? Yes please. And if you need to change it is better to do it to the maximum with colors and combinations outside the box.

Double eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner with double tail that combines classic black with fluorescent pink to give the right emphasis to both colors. Must have: the nude base.


A look in shades of metallic oil that can be achieved with either an eyeliner or a colored pencil with a soft lead.

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