Eyeliner gel: how to use it, the benefits and the best

Cos'è e come si usa l'eyeliner gel, per una linea intensa e senza sbavature

Eyeliner is an accessory for the make-up used to make the look more intense and adorn the eyes to make them appear larger and more enhanced. It is a versatile make-up, which can be adapted to all eye and face shapes, but you have to know how to choose the best texture. Today thegel eyeliner, which differs from the classic liquid or felt-tip pen, for some particular characteristics.

Gel eyeliner is the combination between the liquid and cream formulation, because it occurs soft and easy to spread. It may seem more difficult to apply, but just find the right brush and it is easier to avoid smudging. Let’s see better how it is used, the differences with classic eyeliner and the best products.

Eyeliner gel: how to use it

Gel eyeliner is usually found in glass jars with the plug, which must be tightly closed to prevent the product from drying out. Before applying it you need to choose the brush most suitable. Sometimes it is sold together with the gel, alternatively it is possible to buy the brush separately, choosing the one we prefer depending on the result we want and the ease of application. In fact, there are brushes flat, oblique or angled to choose the best one for us.

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Next, you have to choose the hue right for our complexion and our eyes. In fact, eyeliners are not all the same, and it is important to find the one that makes your facial features stand out the most. To apply it just dip the brush in the gel, taking the right amount of product, avoiding excesses, and draw a line following thelashline to stop when this ends. At this point you can decide it thickness favorite.

To do the tail it is preferable to use an angled brush, and help yourself with the first few times Scotch tape which acts as a guide and avoids smudging. Just glue the ribbon at an angle of 45 ° so as to connect the eyebrows with the outer part of the eye. If you are initially unsure, you can draw the line previously with a black pencil and then go over it with the eyeliner. However, for any little mistake or smudging there is one makeup remover, which eliminates even the darkest shades.

Eyeliner gel: pros and cons compared to the “classic”

Eyeliner can be found in several formulations, the most classic are liquid and cream. While these are products that create lines on the eyelids, there are some differences between them and gel eyeliner. First, the latter tends to get annoyed faster, as it is contained in a jar, and must therefore be used frequently. In all cases it is possible to find a line waterproof, very useful for those who want a long lasting effect.

Compared to eyeliner in cream, the gel is more suitable for avoiding smudging and creating strong lines, while the cream eyeliner is more difficult to apply, and you risk making crooked lines. In addition, the gel eyeliner dries faster, which can be convenient for those who do not have much time, but does not allow you to modify or blend the line, which is possible with the cream.

The eyeliner liquid it has a greater hold and brightness than the gel, but it requires a safer manual dexterity, and it is easier to make mistakes. The gel is more dense and is therefore easier to apply without smudging. The effect of the gel eyeliner is more intense and opaque than the liquid one and has the advantage that it can also be used in internal rhyme, inferior or superior, of the eye.

The best eyeliner gels

I’m available in stores and online eyeliner gels of the most famous brands, with different costs and for all needs. Most of them are found in classic jars, with or without the attached applicator brush. Let’s see i 4 best gel eyeliner available, to choose the most suitable for every look.

1. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

gel eyeliner

Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Liner is an intense color gel eyeliner and a 24 hour long lasting formula. Also supplied with the gel brush-smudge professional for easy application.
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2. Eyeliner Gel Inglot AMC

gel eyeliner

L’Inglot AMC gel eyeliner is a product with high intensity pigments that provide ideal coverage, even after a single application. The long-lasting, creamy and gentle formula dries quickly, non-staining and wrinkle-free.
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3. L’Oréal Paris Eyeliner in Gel

gel eyeliner

L’Oreal Paris has formulated the Eyeliner Gel with a thick line, in a black lacquered texture, with a long duration. One of the most resistant to dryness products, sold together with the professional brush that makes it easier to apply for an intense look.
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4. Gaya Cosmetics Eyeliner Gel

gel eyeliner

Good product tooEyeliner Gel by Gaya Mineral Makeup, with an ultra-definition formula, which leaves defined and easily modulated lines, to eliminate crooked lines and irregular edges. Intense and luminous color, and a long-lasting and waterproof texture. Available in 3 shades Charcoal Black, Deep Blue and Mesmerizing Turquoise.
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