Eyelash thickening: how is it done?


Mascara is one of the first products to appear in girls’ beauty cases, when you are a beginner and approach (not without mess!) To make-up. Usually the eyes are the first thing one focuses on. We all went through the phase of blue eyeshadow, smudged pencil, different eyeliner from one side to the other and, in fact, clumped mascara. But fortunately, with practice, the results improve over time.

Even if the world of make-up has changed a lot, introducing fashions and overcoming others, the charm of the eye in the foreground is timeless. A truly magnetic look passes through a great attention on the lashes, because they allow you to have the coveted large doe eyes. Lately, many women are resorting to eyelash thickening, so as not to have to stop daily to make up them.

Eyelash thickening: how is it done?

To enlarge the look you can use different techniques, which is advisable to perform in specialized salons, where professionals who use quality products work.

Some techniques are carried out curving and restructuring natural lashes, also giving them a darker color. Instead, it is called “Russian Volume”The technique of applying ultralight synthetic lashes of various lengths for a multidimensional effect. The final effect is particularly visible: the lashes are decidedly more voluminous than the “One to one” technique. In the first case, in fact, a fiber can hold up to five natural lashes, while in the second case the extension they are applied one by one and adhered to a single natural lash.

Relying on professionals also means having one advice on the most suitable treatment, based on your eye, your lashes and the results you want to achieve. In fact, first of all, just like for false eyelashes, even the extensions that are used for thickening are not all the same. They vary in length, curvature, thickness, color.

And then the technique is not suitable for everyone: it is not recommended on very fragile, short and weak eyelashes, which may not react well to the application of the cosmetic glue. In this regard, it is also important to make sure that there are no allergies to the synthetic products used. Especially in the case of sensitive eyes, it is better to proceed with a preliminary test, to check that the glue is not excessively aggressive.

Eyelash thickening: benefits

The thickening of the eyelashes guarantees a magnetic look that can hardly be achieved with the application of mascara alone.

Based on the chosen technique, a more or less exaggerated visual effect, also useful to change features that we may not like, like close eyes. In this case, to solve it, simply add longer eyelashes on the outside of the eye.

Eyelash thickening: how to keep your lashes healthy

Once the treatment has been carried out, it will be necessary to have the foresight to proceed with the necessary ones tweaks (usually every two or three weeks), due to the natural loss of natural lashes and their relative regrowth.

As with hair in general, this regrowth depends on various factors and in some cases it can even be stopped, for example in the presence of thyroid disorders, hormonal dysfunctions, severe stress or certain medications.

Each retouching costs around 50 euros, while the initial treatment has a variable cost that can even exceed 300 euros. The duration also varies, based on the number of lashes to be applied: it can be 90 or 120 minutes.

Immediately after the session it is advisable to avoid contact with water and not to enter excessively humid environments: no swimming pools or saunas for at least 24 hours. The advice, to keep the extensions in their maximum beauty, is to use specific products, both to make up the lashes (optional, since they will already appear considerably longer, darker and thicker) and to remove make-up.

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