Eyelash serum: how to use it, what it is for and the best


If until a few years ago the stars loved to show really complex make-up, it seems that the trend has recently reversed. Many are aiming for a decidedly more look natural, enhancing the look without exaggerating, without using too many products, perhaps focusing only on the lips or only on the eyes.

In the latter case, it is obviously the eyebrows and eyelashes that make the difference, making the gaze magnetic and captivating. Mascara is one of the indispensable products for those who want to enhance their eyes.

But what if the lashes don’t work together because they are too thin and sparse even when made up? In this case the ideal product is the eyelash serum, which serves to make them thick, long, thick: in this way it is also avoided that they fall out during the make-up removal phase and a drizzle of mascara will really be enough to emphasize them.

Eyelash serum: what is it for?

The eyelash serum acts directly on the hair bulbs by going to stimulate eyelash growth. Magic? No: the secret is in the ingredients. These are products containing a mix of active ingredients.

First of all, there is a high percentage of vitamins, especially A, B, B5, C and E, which strengthen the hair follicles. There are also numerous essential oils:

  • L’coconut oil, which contains hyaluronic acid, prevents eyelashes from falling out making them stronger;
  • L’Argan oil it is an antioxidant that deeply nourishes the hair;
  • L’jojoba oil accelerates growth;
  • L’castor oil thickens and volumizes them.

The real cure-all isaloe vera, another element capable of promoting the healthy growth of our eyelashes, because it is highly moisturizing.

Eyelash serum: how to use it?

The key word is one: constancy. To have appreciable results and to ensure that the product works at its best, it is necessary to use it regularly. Usually the eyelash serum should be applied in the evening, before going to bed, on dry skin and after removing all traces of make-up and any residual creams. Perfectly cleansed and clean skin is essential for the active ingredients to penetrate

The duration of the treatment is about 3 months, but its effects should be maintained over time even when the treatment is interrupted. What is subjective is not only the time in which you can have the first results (visible in some cases even after only four weeks of use), but also the actual effects. On some subjects, in fact, the product acts by increasing the thickness and length of the lashes, on others it acts by darkening them.

Eyelash serum: how to choose it

First of all, pay attention to the ingredients: better to prefer natural and certified products, since some elements could really cause damage. And the eyes are very sensitive. Prostaglandins, belonging to the family of cyclopentanoic acids and the infamous bimatoprost are to be avoided. The latter is capable of acting on ocular hypertension and can even cause chromatic dysfunctions, such as an alteration in the color of the iris, as well as more serious problems such as uveitis and cataracts.

The importance of the applicator is also not to be underestimated. The best are those with a pointed brush to use in a similar way to those of liquid eyeliners. They distribute the product directly on the lash line and therefore stimulate and deeply nourish the lash follicles. There are also serums equipped with a non-brush applicator, but more similar to the mascara brush. In this case the effect is more in terms of brightness, because the product is spread over the entire length of the lashes, but does not penetrate deeply.

Before using any serum for the first time, better read the instruction booklet, so as to take any precautions, apply it correctly and be aware of possible side effects.

Eyelash serum: 5 products

In the boundless beauty market, there are many specific products for eyelashes. Now that we have clarified the ingredients that are good and harmful and what can be found on the market, here are some products positively evaluated by those who have used them.

1. KIKILASH eyelash serum

eyelash serum

Daily treatment for perfect eyelashes, effective and rich in vitamins that strengthen the hair follicles of the eyelashes, favoring an increase in hair growth and making the lashes longer and more voluminous. Dermatologically tested product, free of prostaglandin, preservatives, parabens, perfumes and silicones.
Those who bought it are enthusiastic about it, but recommend consistency: it should be applied every evening to have visible results.

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2. D. OBSESSED eyelash serum

eyelash serum

Eyelash serum containing numerous ingredients that increase eyelash health: tocopherol, pantothenic acid, arginine and oligopeptide-1 EGF, which transform thin, sparse lash hair into full, dark and sensual lashes. The product is clinically tested, hypoallergenic, without added parabens and not tested on animals. Shoppers were able to appreciate a noticeable change: longer, stronger and thicker lashes. But be careful, the supplied brush absorbs a lot of product, so in order not to waste it better let it drip first.

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3. LANCOME eyelash serum

eyelash serum

Anti-aging serum for eyes and eyelashes. Its innovative formula is enriched in probiotic fractions and equipped with a flexible 360 ​​° massaging applicator, suitable both for treating the eye contour, so as to visibly reduce bags and dark circles and to strengthen the eyelashes.
Customers appreciate its texture and above all the illuminating effect: the look appears fresher and less marked. Sore point: the rather high price.

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4. BY TERRY eyelash serum and mascara

eyelash serum

First tinted eyelash serum enriched with Lumicoat® Care technology. The brush is like that of mascara (therefore not with a brush, like most similar products on the market): it acts on the volume, length and thickness of the lashes, activating their growth. The brush is a plus for the volume, but the coloring effect is not very visible to tell of who used it.

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5. KONJAC Eyelash Serum

eyelash serum

The product works in 8-16 weeks, making lashes thicker, fuller, longer, fuller and healthier.
Its texture is highly appreciated by buyers: pleasantly scented, non-drip and non-sticky. It is also made with natural ingredients and is good value for money.

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