Eyelash primer: what is it and how to use it? The best to try


When we think of the primer we immediately connect it to make-up products for the face and eyes, but did you know that there is also a primer for the eyelashes? Best friend to make mascara last longer is what you need to have doe eyelashes!

Eyelash primer: what it is

When it comes to eyelash primer, many people are not familiar with the use of this product. Although its function can be easily understood from the name, it is good to understand what it is and how to best use it.

The eyelash primer it is used to create thickness, volume and length to the lashes, before applying mascara. Depending on its formulation it can moisturize, curl or strengthen the lashes, making them healthier and stronger.

There are two types of primer on the market: that White and that transparent. Often confused, however, they have different functions.

What is the white primer used for?

The white primer it must be applied before the mascara (the colored one) to give more volume and length to the lashes. Being an aesthetic product, its function is immediate, immediately giving a more sensual effect to the lashes.

What makes the immediate lash extension effect possible is the presence of synthetic nylon fibers inside. The mascara primer it therefore creates an envelope of fibers on the hair that makes it appear thicker, thus becoming more robust and longer. In addition, the use of white primer will positively affect the duration and yield of the mascara.

The transparent eyelash primer: an aesthetic treatment

Unlike the white primer, the transparent primer for eyelashes is a real aesthetic treatment that has the primary function of improving, caring for and nourishing lashes.

Inside you can find vitamins, natural oils and peptides that working in synergy going to strengthen and nourish the hair. Wrongly to what is believed, this type of product does not have the power to regrow hair where missing, but it preserves its natural beauty, reinforcing its structure and making it more nourished and hydrated.

Taking care of the eyelashes is essential in order to prevent them from breaking or falling out, due to excessive beauty treatments or stress. In the gallery the news and the best products to try!

Lancôme, Cils Booster XL Primer Mascara, this ultra volumizing mascara primer, also suitable for sensitive eyes and enriched with XL Micro-Fibers that help protect the lashes and obtain a Maxi-Extension effect. (€ 39.99)

Honest Beauty, Extreme Length Mascara + Primer Mascara with long-lasting 2-in-1 double applicator and lash primer to increase length, volume and definition without unsightly lumps. The specially shaped bristles highlight every single eyelash. (€ 19.99)

MAC, False Lashes Maximizer Mascara a treatment that helps regenerate, prepare and enhance the lashes. An innovative primer that wraps the lashes individually with nourishing ingredients aimed at promoting an intensely sensual appearance even before applying mascara. White upon application turns into a semi-transparent base with drying. (21 euros)

Collistar, Eyelash Primer an innovative primer that, in a single step, amplifies the make-up result of each mascara, optimizing its performance. Volumizing action: its creamy texture, thanks to a lime extract rich in sugars and amino acids, covers the lashes with a thin pink film and increases their thickness and volume. (€ 17.90)

Chanel, The mascara base, Apply THE MASCARA BASE alone or before the mascara: alone, it strengthens the lashes and makes them shiny from the first application. Before mascara, it optimizes the make-up result and prolongs its hold. (€ 37)

L’Oréal Paris, Lash Paradise Primer gives the lashes more volume, length and fullness. (€ 9.90)

Smashbox, Photo Finish Lash Primer Primer Mascara prep your lashes for mascara or refresh it throughout the day with this pre-treating formula that makes any mascara more resilient and supple, preventing smudging and smudging. (€ 28.99)

Wycon, Lash Treatment Lenght Stimulator, serum for the eyelashes in transparent gel that acts as a night mask, wrapping them in a thin film of nutrients. Strengthens and helps stimulate its length. (€ 7.90)

Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real Tinted Primer Natural Effect Lash Primer Apply it alone to dye and define your lashes for a truly natural look or use it as a primer before mascara to intensify lash length and definition. (€ 28.50)

Face D, Nourishing mascara for eyelashes and brows, Cream mask to nourish, fortify and redefine. Wraps eyelashes and eyebrows in a protective film, which thickens their diameter. (16 euros)

Dior, Diorshow Maximizer 3DPrimer Mascara The exclusive Dior backstage mascara base for oversized lashes and day-to-day care. Diorshow Maximizer’s new, air-rich texture envelops each lash in a dense, fluffy film to optimize the effects of the mascara. (€ 33.99)

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