Eyebrow dyes: what they are and the 7 mistakes to avoid

Tinte sopracciglia: il rimedio non permanente per definire lo sguardo

Compared to previous years, make-up fashion considers the eyebrows a prince element of the face: no longer a light and thin arch that divides the forehead from the eyes, but a line defined and thick that follows the shape of our eye. So more and more people, especially those with very light and not very thick eyebrows, want to find tricks to give vitality to their eyes. Eyebrow tints they are an excellent non-permanent solution for those who want to darken the eyebrow arch (even if only for a few days).

Eyebrow dyes: how are they used?

Eyebrow tints can now be found everywhere: online, in perfumeries and specialized stores, and all are equipped with tools and instructions for their use.

For before what do you need to roll out one greasy and waterproof cream around the eyebrows, so that it acts as an insulator between the skin and the dye. For apply the dye we need the appropriate applicator disposable, almost always present in the package (in case there is not a cotton swab is fine too) starting from the inside up to reach the outermost part of the eyebrows, applying a little product at a time. Once the drafting is finished, all you have to do is wait the necessary time and clean the area first with a cotton pad, then with warm water. Immediately after cleansing you can already admire the final result.

Eyebrow dyes: 7 mistakes to avoid

1. Use hair dyes

Surely the biggest mistake you can make concerns the choice of color. The hairs of the eyebrows are not like our hair and the skin of the face is not the skin of our head, for this it is necessary to use a specific product that does not damage either the skin or the eyebrows. The hair dye results too aggressive and cannot be used for such a delicate area of ​​the face, such as that of the eyebrows.

2. Do not safeguard the skin around the eyebrows

Before starting to apply the product on the eyebrows, the skin around the area to be colored must be protected. To do this, simply spread a little bit of Vaseline or a barrier cream or the simple lip stick on the contour of the eyebrows, so from isolate the skin from the dye and avoid staining it.

3. Do not consider the right density of the product

Be careful not to create gods too liquid products, as they could “move” from the desired area and invade the eyes. In the same way, however, be careful that the product is not too dense: its drafting should not be tiring. The eyebrow tint must be creamy and must be applied in small doses.

4. Follow the instructions

The products are usually very similar to each other, however they may require different instructions. For example, the shutter speed may vary from product to product. The only admissible advice is to stick to what the package tells you.

5. Shave your eyebrows before tinting

Postpone your eyebrow hair removal. Doing it before applying the dye could be risky, in this way you will avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as burning, irritation and redness.

6. Do not cleanse your face

Before starting to apply the tint on the eyebrows it is good to clean the face with water and detergents in order to eliminate any “element” that may be an obstacle to the product, that can be sebum, dead cells and dirt.

7. Choose the wrong color

To choose the perfect shade for our eyebrows, make-up artists recommend taking how reference the darker locks of our hair, so the eyebrows will be defined but the final effect will not be exaggerated, but rather very natural. For those with light hair, the suggestion is to increase or decrease the original color of only one tone.

The best eyebrow tints

As you can imagine, there are many types of eyebrow dyes on the market. We have reported below the ones that, in the opinion of the experts, are the best and that have different textures and different durations.

The eyebrow gel from WunderBrow

Eyebrow colors: WunderbrowSource: web

Looks like a very simple one mascara for eyebrows but its duration varies from 3 to 4 days. It resists water and sweat and is available in different shades. It costs 29.99 euros. Buy it here.

RefectoCil Sensitive eyebrow tint

Eyebrow colors: RefectoCilSource: web

A real color to be applied following the method that we have previously illustrated and avoiding all possible errors. It lasts about 2/3 weeks. It costs 15.49 euros. Buy it here.

The Maybelline New York peel-off dye

Eyebrow colors: Maybelline New YorkSource: web

The format is similar to that of a mascara but the texture is peel-off, that is, once dry the product comes off like a film leaving the color to our eyebrows for about a couple of days. It costs 12.85 euros. Buy it here.

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