Eye primer: how to use it and the best ones (also bio)

Cos'è il primer occhi, il segreto per un trucco più intenso e duraturo

A cosmetic that not everyone knows and helps to apply and make the makeup last longer eye primer. Applied before eye shadow and pencil, it is not seen but it is a great ally to keep a make-up precise and long lasting. Let’s find out what the eye primer is for and how to use it, and what are the best products on the market, even organic.

Eye primer: what is it for?

The tricks primer serve as base for make-up on all parts of the face, from foundation to lips. The eye primer is great for creating the perfect base for eyeshadows, enhancing the color and facilitating the application of the product. THE advantages to use the primer are many, including the increase of duration and the elimination of the creases between the eyelids that are created when the eyeshadow is applied directly to the skin

There skin in fact, the face tends to produce sebum, which dissolves the make-up. The primer counteracts the problem but at the same time lets the skin breathe. Manages to intensify the durability and performance of any makeup for the eyes, in fact it acts as fixing for eyeshadow, pencil and eyeliner. It is also perfect for smoothing out the color of the eyelid, covering any redness and small capillaries.

How do i use the eye primer?

The eye primer must be applied directly on the eyelids and around the eyes, the areas that you want to make up. There are different types on the market: in dust, liquids or in cream. To obtain the best result, it is good to find the one that best suits your skin, which is easier to apply and spread, and which is of the hue right. If the color is lighter or darker, in fact, you risk seeing yourself under the make-up: a valid alternative are transparent primers, which have the same functions but are not seen.

To use it it is important to know that a minimum amount must be applied, in fact usually enough a drop of product. Once spread with the applicator, a brush or your finger, you have to let it dry for a few minutes. Today there are also primers fromquick drying, or those in powder that speed up the process. In fact, if it remains wet, it risks creating a mush together with the eyeshadow. Once the eye primer is ready, you can proceed to make up your eyes as you wish.

Eye primer: the best products

In stores and online today it is easy to find many eye primers, more or less valid, in cream, liquid or powder form, but it is important to choose a product of quality, which lets the skin breathe and works well. We have collected some of the best products available online.

1. Eyeshadow Primer Potion Urban Decay

urban decay eye primerSource: Web

One of the most loved and used eye bases is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, a product that fixes any type of eyeshadow. It is available in several nuance, for every type and skin tone: in addition to the original, they created the Minor Sin, pearly champagne color for one brightness greater, and the wording anti age. It is sold in a soft tube with a special applicator so that color intensity and long life are guaranteed.
Available on the Urban Decay official website at € 23.00.

2. Pupa eye primer

Pupa eye primerSource: Web

For flawless make-up all day long, the eye primer by Pupa is an excellent ally. A professional product that ensures eye shadow adherence, improves its estate, smoothes the eyelids and minimizes the discoloration, for a perfect base. Available in different shades, it is ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, paraben-free, and also safe.
Available on the official Pupa website at € 6.50.

3. TOO Faced Shadow Insurance Original

too faced eye primerSource: Web

For an extreme long life, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Original is the perfect eye primer. It sets the eyeshadow and intensifies the color, but above all it has a formula anti-fading and waterproof up to 24 hours. While performing its basic function, it is light and colorless, making the eyelid smooth and regular to facilitate even makeup application. Present in different shades.
Available on Sephora at € 19.50.

4. Primer Diego della Palma

eye primerSource: Web

The Eye Primer by Diego della Palma it is a base uniforming and fixing for eyeshadow in a single shade neutral, slightly pigmented to neutralize redness and discoloration of the eyelid. It blends with the skin creating a thin film that does not weigh down and lets it breathe, therefore it enhances the color of the eyeshadow, facilitates its application, prolongs its duration and is no transfer. Suitable for any type of eyeshadow, in cream or powder.
Available on Amazon for € 17.90.

5. Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye by Rihanna

rihanna eye primerSource: Web

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line created the base Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye, great for intensifying the color and duration of the eyeshadow. Pro Filt’r’s Invisipink formula blends with any skin tone to create a super soft surface, while helping to fade the product and enhance its color.
Available on Sephora at € 21.00.

The best organic eye primers

To protect and moisturize the skin i natural products and organic are excellent allies. Perhaps more difficult to find, with a little patience and inquiring online or in stores, there are valid 100% natural eye primers that work well. Here are 4 of the best bio eye primer.

1. Lavera Eyeshadow Base

eye primerSource: Web

Lavera offers a collection of organic products, such as the Eyeshadow Base. Its texture ad quick drying contains aloe vera biological which prevents the sedimentation of pigments in the folds and ensures a long lasting eyeshadow. It is vegan and organic, and is also suitable for wearers contact lenses, as it does not risk leaving debris in the eye.
Available on Amazon at € 8.73.

2. PuroBio eye base

eye primerSource: Web

The primer by PuroBio Cosmetics it looks like a cream, in an easy-to-apply tube. The texture contains olive oil and shea butter, so that the product not only contrasts dark circles and uniforms the color of the eyelid thanks to the orange shade, but also moisturizes the eye contour. It is quick-drying, tested against nickel allergy, certified vegan and organic.
Available on Amazon for € 14.00.

3. Lepo Eye Primer

organic lepo eye primerSource: Web

The primer by Lepo is a fresh, light and transparent gel cream, which makes the eyeshadow easier to apply and fix so as to guarantee a long lasting. Its strength is there vitamin E, panthenol and rice starch which give protective and emollient properties.
Available on Amazon for € 12.00.

4. Zao Make-Up bio eye primer

zao bio eye primerSource: Web

The Eye primer by Zao Make Up is a 100% natural and certified organic and vegan formula. Thanks to its smooth and powdered texture it is easy to apply, to cover discolorations, even out and illuminate the skin of the eyelid. Contains organic carnauba wax useful to protect the skin, in order to optimize the long-lasting makeup hold in an absolutely natural way.
Available on Amazon for € 9.00.

Original article published on June 12, 2019

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