Eye mask for sleeping: what are the benefits?


Sleeping well is essential for your health and beauty. In fact, light and external stimuli can often make the sleep phase very difficult and not very relaxing, in addition to allowing a deeper rest, the night mask also has beauty benefits. Let’s find out!

Night eye mask: always underestimated

Impossible to forget the blue Tiffany mask worn by Holly Golightly, the protagonist played by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A style icon, it was precisely that fashion detail that made the night mask a real beauty “fetish”, the “never again without” that every beauty lover must absolutely have.

Characterized by an old Hollywood charm the night mask has been underestimated for many years, relegated to an annoying and impractical object, yet it hides real beauty secrets.

Eye mask for sleep, deeper sleep and more beautiful skin

Let’s start by saying that thanks to the night mask it is possible to enjoy a true “beauty sleep”. It allows us to rest more deeply, creating a screen between us and external impulses, thus offering one better sleep quality, but not only.

There night mask it can be a real one ally of beauty, for example for all those who spend many hours at the computer and arrive at the end of the day with tired and swollen eyes. A quick and easy beauty remedy is to soak two cotton pads with thermal water and apply them on the eyes under the mask. Just keep them in place for 15 minutes to immediately feel the refreshing benefits on the eyes.

The beauty benefits of the night mask

What we may not all know is that the night mask is an accessory that not only improves the quality of sleep, but can also rejuvenate the skin. Thanks to the greater relaxation of the periocular area your face will appear more rested and relaxed after a good night’s sleep.

In addition, the mask can be made of very delicate materials such as satin and silk which themselves have gods beneficial effects on the skin. If the much talked about silk pillowcase improves the quality of the skin of the face and hair, the same goes for the mask which, made of the same material, takes care of one of the most sensitive parts of the whole face: the eyes.

An idea against dry eyes is for example to regenerate the eyes through a eye drops with hyaluronic acid. This product in combination with the mask will relieve eyes that are particularly tired and weary from the day.

The mask as an anti-dark circles remedy

Being able to sleep better and more deeply is the first gesture of love we can do to ourselves and in this case the mask comes to our aid.

The smooth surface of the silk he was born in satin are the best thing to counteract dark circles and reduce pillow wrinkles that can form due to an incorrect position in the bed and become real wrinkles. The contact with the fabric would also allow the eye contour products applied underneath to penetrate deeper and not get lost on the pillow, thus making them appear when you wake up eye bags less marked and the face deeply relaxed. The skin, if in contact with silk, also remains much more hydrated.

The silk masks they are also recommended to all those who suffer from allergy or that have the very sensitive skin, as they protect against external agents that could harm health, such as pollen and dust.

In the gallery the best night masks to discover immediately and buy!

Slip, Silk Sleep Mask. Price: € 56.95

Sephora, Leopard Night Mask. Price: 4 €

Intimissimi, Silk Night Mask. Price: € 15.90

Daily Concepts, Refreshing / warming eye mask. Price: € 9.90

Kitsch, Adjustable satin eye mask. Price: € 13.45

ZOE AYLA, SLEEP & WELLNESS Silky Sleep Mask. Price: € 19.90

Note, Luxe Collection satin night mask. Price: € 12.60

Beauty in the Air, Sleep mask. Price: € 3.99

Douglas, Unicorn night mask. Price: € 8.95

Crystallove, Silk eye band. Price: 32 €

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