Eye contour patches: what they are for and the best 9

Patch per contorno occhi, gli alleati per uno sguardo più rilassato e sano

Whether used to reduce dark circles after a sleepless night, make your eyes feel less heavy, or to be fresher before a work date or a date with friends, the eye contour patch they are the ideal formula.

Nowadays there are different types, even if the base is common to all. The goal is to restore life and well-being to one’s gaze, often made tired and absent from everyday life. Let’s see what they are, what they are for and which eye patches to choose.

Eye contour patches: what are they?

Tiredness and stress they are often reflected on our face, and in particular on the eyes. Tired and fatigued eyes can cause dark circles and discoloration, as well as dull, dull and aged skin. Whatever the reason a person may want to reactivate the health of your eye area, there is a simple and effective solution.

Eye patches are gods pads in hydrophilic fabric in the shape of a half moon, stickers. They are soaked in a moisturizing gel, or hydrogel, consisting of a mix of substances which may vary depending on the product, but all have the same goal. That is to moisturize, tone, brighten and regenerate the skin around the eyes. Among the substances contained there is hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and even collagen for a more elastic effect.

Eye contour patches: how are they used?

The eye contour patches o eye patch they are disposable products, therefore they are bought in packs of several patches. They are considered gods eye masks which have the shape of a crescent and should be applied precisely under the eyes, where its action is desired. The application is simple, because the patches are stickers and remain in place for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the product.

The moisturizing and beneficial substances, often natural, are released little by little, so as to penetrate the skin and solve all the discomfort around the eyes, or simply take a break for relaxation and well-being. For this they can be applied two or three times a week, for a longer lasting effect, or before appointments of any kind for an immediate effect.

The benefits of eye patches

The patches deliver benefits 360 ° for the eye contour, ranging from simple hydration to the elimination of dark circles and fine lines. Stress is the main enemy that eye patches want to counter, but so is fatigue and the sleep. First of all the eye patches offer amoisturizing and relaxing action of the area around the eyes. For a more rested, healthy and relaxed look.

Hyaluronic acid also helps firm and tone the skin in order to make it more elastic. Consequently the most immediate benefit is the decrease or elimination of dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes. The hydrogel composition helps the moisturizing effect but also serves to give greater brightness to the skin and eyes.

For dark circles some products also contain C vitamin, indicated to lighten dark halos and other discolorations caused by the poor micro-circulation in that area as well as being an antioxidant. Then there are patches with collagen, considered useful to elasticise and renew the skin cells around the eyes, so as to counteract the formation of fine lines. These are the 24k gold, which also make the skin golden and radiant.

The best 9 eye contour patches

Today there are different types of eye patches, which, as we have seen, contain different substances for different benefits. Online there are many brands that offer different eye masks price and type.

It is important when choosing the most suitable product, as in any case of online shopping, to also evaluate the judgments of users, not because there are particular contraindications, apart from any allergies to substances contained, but to ensure that they are effective and give results.

Let’s see i 9 best eye contour patches on the market.

1. Nuonove eyepatch

eye patch

The best-selling eye patch on Amazon is the Nuonove eye patch collagen mask. L’hyaluronic acid e the collagen provide deep hydration, to reduce eye swelling, dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under the eyes by improving the metabolism and elasticity of the skin.
Sold in packs of 60 patches, Nuonove’s product has more than 60 positive reviews and got full marks on Amazon. Likes for its great effectiveness: after a week, consumers already notice improvements.
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2. Homost eye mask

eye patch

The Homost eye patch is an eye care mask formulated with natural seaweed extracts, for an immediately firming and moisturizing effect. The line hydrogel it is excellent for lifting but also illuminating and giving a healthy appearance to the eye contour thanks to the mix of botanicals and ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate.
The product is not only effective but also safe. Rated with the highest ratings on Amazon, its effectiveness is guaranteed and verified by all positive reviews.
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3. Patchology FlashPatch

eye patch

There Patchology line has created several solutions for the eye area. The FlashPatch hydrogel hydrates in just 5 minutes of application. They give immediate comfort to the eye thanks to an extra dose of hydration, ideal for reducing signs of fatigue and reducing swelling.
Good product rating, with multiple users recommending it primarily for their ability to moisturize and smooth the skin.
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4. Yosoo Gel Patch / Mask

eye patch

The Yosoo eye patch it’s a firming and brightening gel patch which uses patented technology that slowly releases moisture and nutrients to the eye area by harnessing the heat of the skin. The area under the eyes is more hydrated and more elastic, less swollen, and dark circles diminished over time.
Amazon’s Choice has obtained a rating of 4/5 stars: the product is appreciated for the quality / price ratio.
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5. Gold & Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch

eye patch

Great product too Gold & Snail by Petitfee with snail slime. The combined action of gold and snail slime guarantees a product that makes the skin pure and healthy. This last substance in fact slowly penetrates the skin giving brightness, tone and general health.
Much appreciated for the composition soft, fragrant and golden.
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6. Mimaal eye patch

eye patch

The Mimaal eye patch it is composed of a mix of moisturizing, antioxidant and vegetable substances, including retinol, collagen, trehalose and allantoin, effective against skin aging, to hydrate and firm the skin. The adhesive patches attach easily and are very durable.
On Amazon it gets almost full marks, thanks to the incredible effectiveness: decreased dark circles and fine lines and lighter eyes from the first week.
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7. FlashPatch Illuminating Eye Gels

eye patch

Patchology also created the patch Illuminating Eye Gels for the care of the eye contour and to give brightness to the skin. A blend of anti-hyperpigmentation, microcirculation and glowing complexion ingredients. The hydrogel also refreshes and tones the delicate skin around the eyes.
Considered by users as a good product, less powerful than the others in the same line and therefore suitable for more delicate skin.
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8. EyeMask Truume

eye patch

Moisturizing, toning, soothing and anti-aging action of the skin for patches EyeMask by Truume. Contains natural ingredients and collagen, it is healthy and does not irritate the skin.
Highly reviewed product on Amazon with a score of almost 5 stars. Excellent for those who have problems with dark circles from insomnia or fatigue and easy to use.
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9. Grace & Stella eye patches co.

eye patch

The patches mask by Grace & Stella co. they are produced completely natural, vegan and paraben-free. They use a composition with collagen of vegetable origin excellent for skin hydration and elasticity. To keep in the fridge for better action.
Rated by the best reviews of most other products.
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