Eye contour: how to prepare it for tanning


The eye contour is a delicate area, which deserves particular attention in treating and moisturizing it, especially when exposed to the sun. Find out how to keep it healthy and fresh.

There contour area eyes is very sensitive. This is why it requires the use of specific creams to nourish and hydrate it deeply, both for the day and for the night.

In fact, we must pay close attention to signs of aging, which in the area around the eyes also occur earlier than in other parts of the face, also thanks to the action of the sun’s rays which, as we know, contribute to skin aging. This area is characterized by a high thinness, by multiple muscle contractions and by a lower presence of sebaceous glands that make the hydrolipidic film inhomogeneous.

Protecting it from the action of UVA and UVB rays, therefore, allows this area to slow down the production of free radicals. These are factors that are strongly responsible for the appearance of bags, wrinkles, signs of dehydration and dark circles. Keep reading this article to find out how to take care of your eye area and ensure it looks young, fresh and healthy.

eye contour cream

It all starts with nutrition, even the health of the eye area

It seems that often thePower supply be brought up every time you talk about taking care of your health. But the reality is that it plays a more important role than you might think. Also with regard to eye health and in particular the periocular area!

The foods recommended in this case are:

  • fish such as salmon and tuna, which contain fatty acids, responsible for ocular health;
  • fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, a must in any diet;
  • vegetable oils with vitamin E, such as extra virgin olive oil or rice.
  • whole grains, rich in zinc.


Choose specific sticks for the protection of the eye contour

For the eye area, it is preferable not to apply a normal sunscreen. Very often, in fact, it tends to melt and leave spots in the folds, thus risking to end up inside the eyes, irritating them and causing redness and burning. Instead, you can apply sunscreen to your face. However, be careful to choose delicate and light formulations, especially if your skin is particularly sensitive and thin and you tend to burn your face very easily.

eye contour sunscreen

Even better, though, they are the sticks made with specific elements for the area. These are really quick and easy to apply, as well as extremely comfortable to always keep handy in your bag and resistant to water, wind and sweat. Their formulations are also much more moisturizing, as they are enriched with shea butter, beeswax, vitamins A and E and titanium dioxide.

The most important thing is the choice ofSPF, which must be at least 50 (we will never tire of repeating it!), because the periocular part is really sensitive and delicate, as well as the mobile eyelid, on which you can always apply the same product (yes, even this area gets burned!).

So that the product does not lose its effectiveness, always keep it cool, away from heat sources.

Apply lymphatic drainage products to the eye contour by practicing self-massage

Especially in the evening before going out in the sun, apply a lymphatic drainage product and moisturizing through a massage that will deflate the eye contour, giving it quick relief.

eye contour massage

Here are the steps to follow, making them last from 30 to 60 seconds .:

  1. Draining phase: press the fingertips of index, ring and middle fingers along the lacrimal sulcus; start from the inner corner of the eyes, up to the outer corner.
  2. Unloading points: exerts more intense pressure in front of the ears, temples and under the collarbones.
  3. Do a light massage with rotating movements on the temples and hold the eyebrows between thumb and forefinger repeatedly starting from the root of the nose, up to the outside at the tail of the eyebrow.

Avoid products containing retinol

If you use products that contain the retinolMostly known for its anti-aging properties, stop using them around the time you sunbathe regularly. It is a substance photosensitizer, which therefore does not get along at all with sunlight, even when the cream is formulated specifically for the eye contour and therefore contains lower and less aggressive percentages. The risk, in fact, is to find your face full of unsightly sun spots. For this reason, cosmetics containing retinol are always recommended for evening use, as we know that UV rays work even on the most cloudy days!

eye contour cream

Choose the right sunglasses

The sunglasses they are often chosen only on the basis of aesthetics, neglecting the purpose of protection from the sun’s rays. Quality should not be kept in the background, because often those at low cost do not ensure the right protection from the action of the sun.

So make sure that there are filters against UVA and UVB rays and prefer gray, brown or dark lenses, or mirrored lenses, even more shielding and safe. In this way, you not only protect your retina and lens, but also your eye area.


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