Eye contour: bad habits to avoid on the beach


The eye contour is the most delicate area of ​​the face and there are beach actions that if repeated over time can damage it. Be careful.

When summer arrives, one of the most recurring wishes is to pass the greatest number of hours possible at the beach. In fact, doing so is synonymous with freedom and carefree and it is also the right way to recharge your batteries for autumn and back to school or work. While you are in the sun, however, it is essential not to lose sight of the needs of your own skin And protect it as much as possible from the harmful actions of UVA and UVB rays and other external agents. Between the parts of the body they deserve more attention there is definitely the eye contour which, on the other hand, is often forgotten and left to its own fate.

Be careful though, not dealing with it could soon turn out to be a serious mistake because it is theundoubtedly the most sensitive area of ​​the face, which if neglected risks being damaged.

If you don’t want that to happen then try to avoid these bad habits.

Forget to apply sunscreen

The sun’s rays are harmful to the skin of the body and face and therefore, during the long sessions under the sun that characterize the summer days, it is essential to protect it. Get one good sun lotion and spread it evenly at least every two hours and always after having finished a swim in the sea. Even if all the formulas are water resistant, the salty one eliminates some of it, so once back on your beach towel, it is better to repeat the operation.

While you do it don’t forget the eye contour area which, being more sensitive than the rest of the face, deserves specific attention.


Use an ad hoc cream for the eye area

The area around the eyes is very delicate, so better not use the same formula that you apply elsewhere but opt ​​for specific stick products, easy to apply and not being liquid they are not likely to end up inside the eye.

Do not rinse your face after bathing

Once exit from the sea you should always try to do one fresh water shower to remove salt from the skin.

The salt contained in sea water, in fact, if left for a long time on the surface of your body could irritate it and this is particularly true for the skin of the eye contour, which being much thinner than that of other parts, in contact with this element you risk developing redness or causing annoying itching.


What to do if there is no shower

If you are on a free beach or your holiday is quite wild, so much so that you don’t have a shower at your fingertips, do not worry, bring a spare water bottle with you and when you come out of the sea, pour some on your hands and rub it delicately around the eyes. Waiting to wash yourself better at the end of the day might be enough.

Use the thermal waters

Another solution could also be to resort to thermal waters. Fresh, soothing and absolutely pleasant on the skin, are among the beauty must-haves of the summer.

If you like them, take one with you and spray it on your face as many times as you want. This will also help eliminate the salt from the eye area.


Always keep your sunglasses on

The Sun glasses on the beach, and in general when you have a lot of time outdoors, they are essential to defend the eyes and the surrounding area from the annoying rays of the sun.

However, try to don’t wear them all day, but to take them off at least when you are in more shaded areas or the light is not really unbearable.

The reason is very simple: keeping them all the time could cause you to develop a patchy tan, with a face of an enviable color and the area around the eyes completely white.

A horror scenario that you can try to avoid by putting your super cool glasses in the beach bag for a few hours a day.


Don’t wear a hat

The hat on the beach is the accessory par excellence, which you shouldn’t forget to take with you. In addition to protecting the head and facial skin, it is also vital to give some relief to the eye area, especially if you plan to spend several hours with the sun blazing.

In fact, its rays, in fact, if they hit the eyes directly, almost always involuntarily force them to squint to defend them, and this with the passage of time increases the probability of the onset of wrinkles and ugly marks in the surrounding area.

Better to wear a hat with a wide brim that keeps the eyes in the shade and the eye contour relaxed.


Use the concealer

Even if you are prone to dark circles, bags or other small imperfections that can affect the eye area resist the temptation to do this area with concealer before going to the beach.

This product, in fact, prevents tanning from taking its course and at the end of the holiday you may find yourself with a completely white eye contour, in contrast to the rest of the tanned face and body.

So leave the concealer at home and enjoy the sea without too many worries.

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